Toddler Thursday

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Moglet has always enjoyed accessorising. It is her forte. Just like her mama. Now at the grand old age of 2, it has evolved in to mobile phones, sparkley shoes, hats and of course, a bag.
Today, there was emotional turmoil. I have LOST the clasp of my most precious Alexa bag. Last week I captured Meadow Mogford twisting it on and off! I am not happy.
Lesson learned. Stick to cheap Zara bags.
Likely outcome - won't.
PS New lens is on it's way people! Hurrah!


Cupcakej said...

She is just beyonf fab! must get in touch with Mulbers re: clasp!! They will surely replace it particularly as you haven' had it long at all!! Just keep schtum about toddler and her tricksy fingers!! Cx

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