Mundane Monday

Monday, 8 October 2012

So it rained today. A lot. Which is not great for camera!
So I will start with an apology for boring pics :)
But I'm kinda totally loving plants at the moment and scattering them in beautiful pots around the OBH. So expect to see more and more :)

I am also loving the rain a little bit as it means I get to wear this (see pics).
Meadow got an early Christmas present from Daddy (or is it for himself).
My new Estee Lauder night repair to stave off those wrinkles and trying to organise my life with this
although out of sight means out of mind for me but hey ho. Open plan living means keeping things organised and tidy or I go in to meltdown.
Talking of which Meadow is being a major pain at the moment, real tantrums, throwing herself on the floor, saying "NO" a lot, and refusing to brush her teeth or go to bed. Textbook toddler. Exhausting. Oh to have a French child who does none of these things. Maybe I will find one in Paris (NOV 23rd! NOV 23rd!!) I have just spent the last half hour holding her hand and trying to persuade her to sleep. We tried making her cot in to a bed yesterday. She brought through her blanket and bunny no less than 8 times, before the side went back on. BIG FAIL.
Good times :) Happy Monday everyone!


Cj said...

Holy that car! The thought of Meadow on it brings me pure glee! Xx

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