Toot Toot Tuesday

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Another work day.
But it was beautiful and bright and crisp.
And that meant digging out my fave Topshop coat with leather lapels. Oh yeah that's how exciting my days are people!
And I ordered these (OMG!) and this (PARIS warmth)

A few little pics around the OBH, including some local artist pencil postcards of my village (too cute) and my wire box stash of labels(hello Prada!) that I am not eBaying! And a random pen in there too as all pens must be out of reach of you know who.
Twinkle twinkle lights. You can never have too many of these bad boys.
Me and my big lens almost capturing my rabbit scarf (soooo snug)
The Infamous Wood Burner. It's big and it's hot and it's totally necessary. It took 5 men to get it in the door and in place.
A mini camera is always welcome in our house!
Meadow and Daddy watching Cbeebies on The Mac
A few of my mini plants (there is such a theme going on here - hopefully my Mini iPad will be joining in)

Tomorrow is Wicked Wednesday (Hello Pumpkin!)
and I am hoping to dress up Miss M in something cute. Watch this space......

Simple Saturday

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ok so I stole a lens!
And by the time we got back from bits and bobs errands as well as the park with Auntie Soph and Mundy, it was late and as Meadow would say "a bit dark mummy"
So the pics are not the best. But they are mine and not pinched off Pinterest (oh how I LOVE Pinterest)
My hair total shambles today so I'm not featuring, but my new top from here is (yup I know!) as well as my vintage MQueen scarf I am humming and hawing over selling on eBay.
Stash of goodies for Meadow from my favourite polarn, (loving the fox print jammies)and various bits around the OBH, including the most awesomely sturdy balloon that has been with us for weeks and is still floating around. Rich swears it follows him.
Mummy and Meadow matchy-matchy converse!
Meadow's new table and chairs!
Meadow can open up and watch the iPad now and I am seriously in love with the mini-iPad. Seriously! Mini anything and it is a must have. Maybe Santa will bring me one?
Proper cold today so invested in furry snood (fake) and toasty gloves. Any excuse :)
And yes, Paris is still on my mind :) ah Paris!
Hope you all having a great weekend and staying snug xo

Toddler Thursday

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Moglet has always enjoyed accessorising. It is her forte. Just like her mama. Now at the grand old age of 2, it has evolved in to mobile phones, sparkley shoes, hats and of course, a bag.
Today, there was emotional turmoil. I have LOST the clasp of my most precious Alexa bag. Last week I captured Meadow Mogford twisting it on and off! I am not happy.
Lesson learned. Stick to cheap Zara bags.
Likely outcome - won't.
PS New lens is on it's way people! Hurrah!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Did I mention I am going to PARIS?? I am I am I am and I cannot wait. Can you tell? It's got me thinking about all things breton and cheese and wine and coffee and macaroons and, of course Eiffel Tower WALLPAPER!! I need this. C'est Magnifique? Oui Oui!
Still no lens! Today Meadow's table and chairs arrived and let me tell you they are very awesome and exact baby replicas of Eames!  She loves them and we spent an hour tonight drawing Peppa Pig. I was somewhat concerned I may break the tiny maple legs but they seem surprisingly sturdy (considering tonight I have eaten spring rolls, rice, yoghurt, 6 strips of Vinny's Australian liquorice, chocolate, popcorn, cheese and biscuits - you get the picture #GREEDY) I promise tomorrow will bring some pictures.......
But for now, I leave with this beauty from my fave Pinterest board Paris stylie!
i dream of paris
oui, oui

Monday Mania

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sorry for lack of photos but since Meadow broke my lens, if Rich has weddings then I am lensless. And the iPhone just doesn't cut it for me on The Blog :)
So today's pic is courtesy of Ms Martha Stewart and I did actually make this and it was bloody delicious. And quite an achievement on a rainy Monday evening. Especially as I had an over zealous toddler (who had had a nap at 4pm NOOOOO) full of energy asking "Why?" to everything I did.  Although she does say it in the cutest little English accent EVER. Although now it is edging past 9pm I am tired and I am saying "bed" and she is saying "why?'. Right now as I type this. And she is also making me a cup of tea. Singing a made up song that has "Gunwharf" sprinkled in it, along with "eggcups" and "chickens" as well as "chocolate".Awesome!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

We packed it in today me and Meadow.
I have SO had enough of work at the moment.
So I took a day off.
And I did what you do on days off
I went with my toddler to the goddamn ZOO
And we had a terrific time despite the rain messing up our non frizz resistant hair. And we didn't care!
It is what life is all about. I am going to take more days off :)
Especially to go see BABY GIRAFFE'S and the little Ardvaark's? Holy hell I wanted to take him home he looked so sad!

Now off to face usual bedtime battle. Meadow please go to bed. NO MUMMY NO. Yes Meadow. Why Mummy? Bed Meadow. NO NO NO. and the best. "let's watch film Mummy". Ok then. Film it is :)

What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Today started a little early.
With a little girl in star pajamas
Climbing up the stairs
And snuggling in to her mama
Who then could not get back to sleep.
With a hot toddler (always always snug) breathing heavily in her ear. Rain slamming against the windows. And a husband who was snoring after 2 too many brandy's :)

This evening went a little better....
With a big ol' pile of stuff to eBay (yup still selling up a storm)
A few sexy new purchases
And a gorgeous little girl in a tutu
Who never ever walks past The Mulberry without a good rake around.


Bits of the Weekend

Sunday, 14 October 2012

It was busy!
And got off to a good start! And not just any flowers. BIG FAT APOLOGY flowers from my favourite florist, where my wedding flowers came from. And yes, they came with the actual apology too. I think that an apology can never be underestimated and believe me, I have never in my life rebuffed one, if it is sincere.

So it continued with Meadow's 2 favourite things of the moment. Her sparkly shoes, and her owl hat It is generally cold enough in our house to wear these pretty much all the time :) And yes, that is pen on Meadow's hand. She is a frikkin genius at finding pens and generally writes on herself. probably little shorthand notes for "Mummy's bag. Grab it. Take everything out. Wear her lipstick. Stuff her work receipts in my jacket pockets. Wear her sunglasses upside down and always, always empty her change out on to floor, attempt to eat any paracetamols she may have in there and chewing gum"

My favourite Meadow item of the moment has to be her fox top from H&M, i am beyond jealous! H&M please make an adult one......please. And talking of H&M I had to buy her....a tutu. Which she promptly wore which caused a lot of smiles in Chichester :) What did not cause smiles here was her unscrewing the clasp on my new Mulberry bag. Or me simultaneously catching my dress on Meadow's pram as said bag wiggled down my hips to around my knees. Not one of my finer moments.

Other noteworthy things, I am selling up a storm on eBay but unfortunately keep buying stuff too... this chair for my desk, a shirt from this brand and a cute jacket from my favourite Whistles

Photos will happen when the stuff arrives :)

Hope you all had a good weekend and did not need apology flowers :)

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