What it's Wednesday?

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Already? How? Home tomorrow but actually I am looking forward to it. Nothing is really better than home. OK maybe a luxury hotel in LA or San Francisco, but hey, that's not happening:)
It's been fun here but having a 2 year old does make holidays different than before. To me, a holiday is relaxing, reading, eating and going out for long runs along the beach.... With a little person, it's all about making fun for them, staying out of the sun and keeping them safe in a different environment. You mummies out there are reading this and nodding aren't you? 
There is something soothing about being near the sea. I can get so lost in my thoughts staring at it. It makes me want to be better and try harder and experience more of life. Do you know what I mean?
I've not opened a newspaper or listened to the news but I did buy French Elle. I'm guessing the world has gone Royal Baby Crazy? He is going to live one amazing life, non? I was sort of hoping for a girl! Maybe next time Kate!
Anyway, I look forward to sharing my proper photos with you all tomorrow when I get back to my beloved (my Mac)
Happy Wednesday xo
PS the Rat is gone. Hurrah!
PPS sure am going to miss the view...

Some of Sunday

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time is flying by. As it does on holiday. It's so hot that we have been pretty lazy and hung around the pool. We did venture to Benidorm as it has a Zara and a Massimo Dutti... I picked up a few pieces including a fab floral Zara top and silk lace top from Massimo.
I will always, always find a shopping opportunity!
We have been enjoying girlie time, me and Miss M, eating delicious gelato and painting our nails (Holiday by Chanel)
On the downside we have a RAT in the kitchen! Coming in from the pool I saw him eating a peach on our kitchen table! Cheeky! He is now camped out under the cabinets and I refuse to go anywhere without Meadow (she has NO fear). "I protect you Mums"
Love her!
I screamed in typical girlie fashion and, usefully threw my water bottle at him, which resulted in water everywhere... Someone is coming tomorrow to get him out!!

Happy Sunday lovelies! Sorry these are all Instagrams, I shoulda brought my Mac to download! Xoxo

Wednesday Instalife

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

So a few more Instagrams!
Coffee with condensed milk (bonbon) so yum. Can feel my waistline widening. 
Favourite outfit, all saints shorts, whistles bag and scarf.
New sunnies!! I had a horrid sinus headache and when at the pharmacy, in my feeling crap, head pounding but multitasking with Meadow (who was touching everything) way, left my new Gucci's in the pharmacy!! Of course I remembered 10 minutes later.... But they were gonzo! Damn thieves! So what's a girl to do? Cheer herself and her sinuses with new Raybans.... Happy Wednesday everyone! Xo


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

We have arrived. It's 34 degrees and beautiful. Been chilling at Grandad's house and exploring the Old Town. Caved and bought Meadow a stroller. Hills, heat and carrying a 2 year old: not likely. First of many.... Our stunning view! Will post some instagrams, but you know I am a photo control freak and I hate poor quality photos on da blog!! Next time I am bringing a MacBook Air. For schizzle!


Holiday Reads

Friday, 19 July 2013

I love to read.
I read every day. I sneak in chapters. Waiting for dinner to cook, I stand at the kitchen island, kindle in hand. While Meadow is doing 'craft' at her table, I sit next to her, reading. When she is in bed, not quite sleeping, and wants me beside her, I take my kindle! You get the idea.
So i get through a lot of books.
These 3 are firm favourites. But I sure would welcome your favourite reads. I'm off on vacay today but will be checking in, so please leave some book recommendations!!
I don't like instagram photos on the blog, but I promise to blog a couple anyway....keep in touch through instagram (karenmogford) facebook (the bake house) or bloglovin (here)


What the Wednesday

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Still hot.
I am still crazy busy.
I need to call my Dad. Buy some Euros. Finish my work expenses. PACK! Pack for Meadow!
 No chance of a mani/pedi/fake tan. Dammit!
Tomorrow is my last day in baking hot England! Woot woot!
Anyway a little bit of today! My work dress and it doubled for champagne drinkies at my neighbours house with the addition of my fave Cos belt...I am going all floral for summer!
 A few portraits of my Husband. Is he hot or is he hot??

HAPPY WEDNESDAY my lovelies! Off to pack Meadow off to bed and paint my nails! xoxo

A little bit of life lately

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The good weather continues (typically as we go to Spain in 4 days) and we have been trying to keep cool, and fight exhaustion (some cave to it more than others:see top photo :)
Sorting out work outfits/eBay items. I'm becoming super brutal. If I have not worn it for a season or two. It is gone. It is really good to clear stuff out, but inevitably, I just replace it with new things!!! Such is life!

Counting down the days friends...counting down the days.....


Getting ready for travel

Saturday, 13 July 2013

We go on holiday soon (yeeha) and I get obsessive about packing. I think it is actually the best bit about going away (weird I know). Usually we go long haul, but because of Miss M, we are going to Spain, just a short flight for us.
I thought I would document my cabin bag, as I love seeing what people pack!
First up.
My travel bag is my Mulberry Dorset bag (the large size, no longer available)
My product bag is leather from All Saints (it's a mens wash bag)
Products (L-R) hand gel (another thing i obsess over, i am addicted hand gel) Aromatherapy Associates Rose Moisturizer (smells like heaven)Aquaphor salve (only available in America but soothes and smoothes lips and skin, and I use on Meadow)
Aveda hand moisturiser. Beauty Flash Balm (I smother my face in this in flight. I never care what it looks like!)
Front (L-R) Lime oil (to pep and freshen) Chanel mascara in travel size. Aromatherapy Associates support oil (breathe in and helps fight germs!!) This Works breathe in lavender roll on (I have blogged about this before) My NARS bronzer and Chanel travel bronzing brush finish up on the makeup front...I would rather travel without wearing any really...I think it is important to let skin breathe on board.
My large cashmere Gucci wrap (I know, lucky me) and a favourite book! I have read this already but love it...Lego for Meadow to play with as well as her Hello Kitty snack box and headphones! She loves listening to music and films with these on!! Anything to keep her amused a while.

I have not included snacks, but I am big on taking my own. Almonds, peanut butter crackers, oatcakes and dried fruit are our regular snacks.

Next week I will post my travel outfit!!!

Hope you are all travelling this summer? Let me know your tips for on board :)

England in the Sunshine

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

It is FINALLY summer here.
We can finally enjoy late evenings in the garden! Huzzah!
Meadow had fun running around and found an egg laid by some local chickens! She was so chuffed bless her heart.
I'm just enjoying family time, trying for a little more balance....
And yes, of course, my new jumper from Zoe Karssen (net-a-porter buy)! Gotta love a cheeky slogan.
Happy summertime lovelies

Life lately

Saturday, 6 July 2013

I. New favourite t from All Saints
II. Hat that Meadow always steals.
III. My star tattoo
IV. Light on the stairs
V. Cashmere jumper from Chinti and Parker. You know I'm a sucker for leopard print.
VI. Lavender heart. Hannahpat you could no doubt make this, I'm a loser and paid something ridiculous like £18 for it.

Happy weekend xo

Evening light

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

After a long rainy day, caught up in terrible traffic and rushing around to catch up, it is such a joy to come home to late sunshine flooding in to our home. Our wall butterflies look so real!
Perspective gained. Enough work for tonight. It will all still be there tomorrow. 
PS Can you spot the 2 TV watchers? They get sucked in...it was Max and Ruby :)

And so to bed....

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ok there is SO a theme running on my blog. And the theme is bed. Sleep. I am craving it so much at the moment. I'm all about being comfy cozy. So say hello to two new sleeping buddies (now now).
First up deep sleep pillow spray from this works.
Second liberty print eye mask from Otis Batterbee. I think it is a men's range. But I love it so! I bought mine from the London institution that is Liberty (online purchase)
Our barn is so open plan and has several huge velux windos, so to sleep upstairs means I need my eyeblind!
Go check out Otis's range. I want it all.

Night night:)
PS If you read my blog and comment, then I do read yours too. If I don't comment this week, forgive me. I am still reading I promise. But with work craziness, my iPad hating bloglovin and blogger spam check, I can't do it this week! xoxo

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