Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cath Kidston is doing a limited edition London zipped pouch! How cute? Had to!
Loving the daffodils in my kitchen, they are pure summer :) and make me smile whenever I see them (and yes, I so blurred out the background as our kitchen island is a bit of a crap fest...every morning it is empty, by 4pm it is littered with stuff!!!)
Husband working away editing a wedding, and getting fired up for the wedding season which kicks off next month...hello working long long long hours at the weekends! Hello grumpy husband!
Drawn towards pops of blue the moment, must be getting over my grey phase, and my good old Mulberry is hitting the spot, along with a new blue patterned skirt from Joules (not usually my style of store, but this skirt is just awesome)

What's making you happy this week? Meadow has discovered popcorn doesn't just exist at the cinema and is forever begging for some! It's the simple things....


Wordless Weekend

Monday, 29 April 2013

Me: top Cos, Jacket Topshop belt Whistles
Meadow: Dress

A Little Bit Of Lately

Friday, 26 April 2013

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A little photo journal from yesterday.
Yes. Bye Bye Mini iPad. How I loved you so.
Revisiting my honeymoon shots taken by Michael Fletcher in the amazeballs Ace hotel. Oh so craving a visit there!
A summery Sandro shirt that has me ready for the sunshine!
Finding stars everywhere...thank you my sweet Meadow! I love finding little signs of her everywhere...a tiny sock under the sofa, a crayon in my bag, and stickers stickers stickers everywhere :)
Happy Weekend everyone yipeeeeee xoxo


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kind of passed me by in a bit of a blur. As is what happens when you are on a sales conference. Gone are the champagne days and the presents left in your room. Now it's a glass of red and a please God when can I escape to bed..:)
So I do what all fashion loving girls do. I focus on the bags. Oh Phillip Lim. Oh hello little tiny Prada satchel, Oh how you cheer me so my loves :)
The hotel we stayed in was old and eccentric and rambling....LOVING their cycles and wellies in the foyer..if only I had had the time....I did sneek out at 6am for a run, and I must say the lambs out springing around and 2 friendly horses down the track, sure did put a smile on my face. I was chatting to the horses, and filling them in on things (as you do) when I noticed the CCTV camera moving. Thank God those things do not catch sound!!!!!

Anyway, I'm off to bed, its late for me (22.51!!!!!) and I can barely string a sentence together (you probably noticed) Night everyone! Sweet dreams xo

PS Is anyone else totes confused by Google plus or am I just an idiot?? I lose my blogger profile if I "make the switch" I want to but don't want to lose this. Gah!

A Big Thank You

and HELLO to all the lovely peeps who take the time to read my blog. I really appreciate your comments and feedback, as this blog is becoming bigger than I imagined and I am so grateful :)
Been away at a sales conference (YAWN) and promise to post later. Sometimes it's tricky to get shots with all the interference that goes on here :) But for today, enjoy the sunshine if you have it, and come back later please xoxo

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Link love: Me Whistles outfit, Meadow Gap

So It's Saturday

Saturday, 20 April 2013

And it was WARM hurrah, like sandal weather warm!
Me and Meds wore our sandals with pride today :) even though my feet were a bit pasty and hers were, well a bit dirty. She likes to run around bare footed and it shows! I am no true earth mama, but I like my littles to feel free. Want to cast of your clothes in 10 degree weather? Go For It.
Spent the afternoon with friends, BBQ and beer. Just perfect. You guessed it, I even broke out The White Jeans. There were babies a plenty so got lots of snuggles and baby lovin time! Caught a cute shot of Soph and Monty (PROMISE to put them all on disc Soph PROMISE)

I'm so excited for summer weather. I'm ready! I am! My Essie nail polishes are on standby (ooh Mummy I love your nails- she KILLS me) and I'm even breaking out the St Tropez. It's on! My Dad called today and said they have SNOW again...and I really cannot imagine. Nope. No thanks. I want some freckles back on this face!

Hope you had a fun relaxed Saturday friends xo

PS anyone else feel the undeniable need to spend a fortune on new sunglasses the minute the sun shines? Hello Tom Ford You know I love you right? C'mon. Spare me a pair.

50 shades of grey

Thursday, 18 April 2013

 And even a little nudity thrown in for good measure :)

Yep still in my grey phase......but as the weather brightening I am too, by wearing my white jeans. I'm notorious for my white jean wearing. A bit like Liz Hurley. When I met my husband and we were dating he would always ask "you wearing your white jeans??" As I am getting older (booo) I wondered yesterday if maybe I shouldn't wear them (they are pretty unflattering if you are not long of leg and slim)  but my Mum's words reverberated around my head "if you can't wear white jeans then who can?" (admittedly she said that about 8 years ago) and I put those bad boys on :)

Been entertaining a lot around here and the Old Bake House lends itself to parties perfectly. Meds spies on Daddy from the mezzanine, pouring out the Prosecco! "Dads, DADS, can I have some beer please"

Cheeky boom boom
PS been nominated on Babble! Woot woot!

London living

Monday, 15 April 2013

Been working a lot in central London lately.
I love the city. I love everything about it. I never tire of it. I always see something new.

A couple of London Rich is away working at the mo (photographing the frikkin' Playboy Bunnies no less!!!) I can't upload my DSLR....and my blog wouldn't be my blog without a pic of my favourite 2 year old. Baroness von Toot we have been calling her lately :)

And I usually always post my own pics, but the last one, is from The Sartorialist. I find his work so captivating, I love to dissect the outfits and think how I'd make them work...I adore everything about it, the fur to the camo print!

What's inspiring you?


Feeling It Friday

Friday, 12 April 2013

Sometimes, it all gets too much!
Working full time in a demanding job, (hello to being home at 1am this morning)and being a mummy to a sweet (so sweet so demanding) 2 year old, and a wife to a husband who works from home (hello to always being around) means sometimes, just briefly, I could chuck one, or both of them, over the wall in to next door's garden...

Meadow has been ill for a few days, but it seems like for ever!!! Hacking cough, cold, and now bladder infection, which means i am working my ass off, and getting no sleep. I am starting to hallucinate, I am not kidding you.

I yearn for someone responsible to turn up on my doorstep, and say, go back to bed, I've got this.
But obviously, that is not going to happen, out of the few people who ever would, one has a new baby, two live in Essex (3.5 hour trip) and my Dad lives 499.1 miles away. So Not Going To Happen.

So instead I am looking at pinterest at lovely things, and obsessing over the beauty of this photographer

Distraction. It's the name of the game! I signed up for this (Rich's statement - support all the way!!) and I'm just trying to keep up the thankfullness....

Ooh an LOVED my visit here wanted everything! Bought a Clare Vivier luggage tag..told you I was on a budget :)

And laughing at Rich texting me at my meeting last night to say "showed Meds pictures of Brad Pitt and said "who's dat?" and she said "it's Daddy' everytime -" Aim high Richie, aim high :)

Happy weekend everyone xo

Baby Love

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Some shots from Sunday.
It was SUNNY
It's back to raining :(
The sunshine is so invigorating. We have had the worst 6 months of weather I can remember.
Which is why.
We are going to LA! Woohooo November 19th we will be back in the Land of LA which is one of my favourite cities in the world, along with SF and of course, Paris.
I literally cannot wait.
But obviously have to rein in my budget. No more pitstops in H&M and Whistles. Focus is required.
It has cheered me up no end, as it has been such a tough few months, with a crazy work schedule and Meadow has had chickenpox, coughs galore(last night she coughed ALL night and I got about an hours sleep), temperatures and a concussion! Rich has has so many ups and downs (being self employed is a constant weary battle). We have a busy summer with lots of weddings to photograph, and my new drug is doing SOOOO well. It's all on the up and up.
We deserve this holiday!

I will, obviously start planning a wardrobe and...will get to plan Miss M's too as she, although opinionated, has no real idea of what it is like to be in a warm climate. I'm thinking teeny tankinis and lots of dresses :)

Back to Sunday, how ADORABLE are Spencer and little Monty? I die. That baby is just ridic. I almost kept him.

Hope you are all having a good week, mine has weirdly morphed in to potty training 101. Meadow just decided. No more nappies here! Hello Kitty tiny knicks! (would it be weird to photograph them? They are just so cute!)


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