London Town

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ok so I'm here. I have a somewhat better view than the last time, which was of a heating's The Gherkin and it looks tiny on my pic but actually I'm pretty close to it.
Work somewhat tolerable as my team are a lot of fun. Missing snuggles with my baby... Especially the morning ones where we snuggle on the sofa and watch TV and shout Dadddy Dadddy Dadddy to get him outta bed!
Couple of iPhone pics :The Cables cars at Greenwich were awesome. They are left over from the Olympics and the views were ridiculous! Keep you updated with more cool London pics when I can xo

Fed up Friday

Friday, 28 September 2012

As predicted it is Friday eve and I've got a gazillion things to do and all I want to do is go to bed. So I'm deciding that composing a "transitional statement" and a "corporate mission" are two things that I am not going to do before my work conference tomorrow. Yep a weekend conference on such things as transitional statements. Riveting.

I've done nothing of note today, except get my veins zapped with needles(ouch) and so here is a couple of snaps that have been sitting on my iPhone this past week....

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and think of me and my corporate crisis when I have to wing it in front of a ton of people on my TS :)

Thursday Thoughts

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's 7am and The Mog and The Mini Mog are still zzzzz so I've sneaked an hour reading my fave blogs :) Today is going to be a mad old day, with a long meeting and trying to catch up on a million admin things I have had buzzing around in my head but have doggedly refused to action! WHY?WHY?WHY? and now I have a day before my week up in town with work, and will be running around grumpy and all crazy....idiot!

Anyway. I was reading the fabulous Nat The Fat Rat blog and she did the wittiest essay on her husband. So funny. And it got me thinking about The Mogster.

My husband is the funniest person I know. He is sharp, and dry and crazy smart. He also has a tendency to say what he thinks with no filter whatsoever. I've captured a few of his gems to share...

As i was walking up the stairs in our house, he was behind me and said
"I was thinking earlier today that you are very lucky I find you sexy. Many men who are married with children don't actually fancy their wives"

After a ridiculous argument about tidiness requirements (his not mine) when I asked him if he felt a bit silly
"Nope. I actually always think arguments are your fault"

My favourite has to be 
"Remember when you were pregnant and I said your bum was bigger and you cried" 

A common statement
"I have just had the best idea for a film"

"Meadow climbed up on to my head using my nose then grabbed my hair and stuck her fist in my eye"

"Could I please have a lie in tomorrow. I am exhausted"

"Meadow. Please. Please. Do Not Throw Food On The Floor" actually we both say this a lot.   

These are my favourites but I will share more Mogisms when they are revealed to me along the way :)
Mr Mog is a truly special person and I love him ridiculously! He puts up with my constant hyperness and also lets me shout at him frequently and merely raises an eyebrow. That takes talent :)

Twinkle Twinkle Tuesday

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Today was fairly non descript work wise BUT I had an added pep in my step swinging my new alexa bag :) to say I love it is an understatement (hence all the pics I am so sorry)

It was dark when i got back from work, so the photos are from 7am this morning and you can see little Miss Meadow was having a good ol' root around in it! She never fails to get my chewing gum, lipstick and purse out within 2 seconds flat :)
Talking of Meadow, she went to bed tonight singing...
"Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar"
Seriously? I think we need to cut down the old choc buttons (she only gets 2 a day as a treat after nursery).

Picked up a few cute little gems from TK Maxx today and will try to get a few pics of them tomorrow and let you see :) I am away with work from Saturday for a whole 7 days (HOW much will I miss my baby!!!!!) so needed a few extra smart items for my trip....I am staying here and will take my camera hopefully so not relying on instagram! Or if you guys do not mind fairly low quality instagrams, let me know, save me lugging my Mk II all over London :) Packing is going to be a major pain and I have such a love hate relationship with it...and I always end up taking stuff I don't wear but over the years, I have decided more is better or i end up buying new :)

Thanks again to everyone for your lovely comments and please keep reading! xo

NB the bottom pic is not a weird out of focus Meadow shot, it's the rainbow light on the OBH floor! Our house literally sparkles in the morning (makes up for it being so friggin' cold all the time)

So you think it's easy

Saturday, 22 September 2012

this blogging malarkey.
I did.
And I have long come to realise it is not.
I am particular with my blog reading. My downtime is so precious and often means staying up late and losing sleep So if i am reading your blog, it has to be worth it.
So I try to apply what i like to my blog....good photography and small insights to our life.
And sometimes. Getting that shot. Is very trying. All I wanted. Was a good shot of my orchid with my star lights. And you can see just what went in to that :) and I'm not even gonna mention the bit where Meadow peed on the floor.....incase you were wondering, that girl is clever with whipping off the nappy, and sometimes, hell you just need to have a bare bottom of a Saturday evening :) Or the fact that she got her tiny hands on my new mascara 
(blurry photo as I was laughing so much and she kept diving at me and my camera)

Happy weekend xoxo


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

the only good thing about Wednesday is it's the day before Thursday which is the day before.. FRIDAY!! woop!
I was here today and it was sunny and warm and gorgeous! But I was working and sat in an underground (!!!!) conference room in a shabby hotel which was full of radiologists (very nice people) who are not my target customers (neurologists)
Anyway! That's dullsville so here is a link to a few Meadow purchases...these and this (too cute), a little light that is now on my bedside table
and I really really want this for the OBH.....

Dreaming of... beautiful Skye in Scotland (first pic of our last holiday there) and need to get to the beach near us soon (second pic of beach near us - I look grumpy as was traumatized from 7 month old Meadow falling face down in the sand earlier - not my best day at the beach - I cried for a good half hour. She had no distinguishable facial features except her wailing mouth!!! I can laugh now but at the time I wanted to die for being such a terrible mother!)

Hope you all had a fab Wednesday!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

was a really uneventful day...consisting of getting up, enjoying the usual morning chaos of spilt cereal (Meadow) grumpy attitudes (Rich) and doing a million things at once badly (me)
I worked late and was running out of light, but managed to snap a glimpse of what little evening I did have....
Meadow in the CUTEST vintage Smurf t-shirt (remember them?) and wearing her little Polarn O.Pyret leggings (love these ones) NB I am the one behind the stairgate - not her! She is a smarty pants!
A new top from here that she will rock
Some new books for Mama (because I don't have enough to do - thought I'd get in some light reading in the hours 12-2am lol)
Definitely recommend The The Magic - love it and really hope it is true! Sorry link is just to Amazon, as my link bar not working...
Definitely do not recommend "why french children don't talk back" - It is completely dull and is really just a lot of self indulgent talk about her own kids....harsh but please do not waste your £14.99/$20....!! Lady! Start a blog instead!

Tuesday will be finishing with a quick mop of floor to remove any couscous Meadow flung there from dinner (don't even try to tell me French toddlers never throw food on floor) and a little list to make as recommended by The Magic. I'm a believer! xoxo

A little bit of today

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Today I have had the impending "back to school" feeling, which I have not had with a job for a very long time. Is it time to move on? Maybe. So I am making a few decisions after nearly 8 years and thinking about my future, which has been on hold really, since having Meadow.

But back to the fun we had today. Me and Meadow went to our favourite cafe, here and ate cake(mostly her)  drank coffee (me) and generally had a giggle. Sorry no pics, I could not face carrying my Canon around today (as well as shopping and a small child - it sometimes nearly kills me)
Thankfully the biggest incident we had today was Meadow squeezing her apple juice carton all over herself, no major traumas liked being locked out of my car......

Few pics of around the OBH, including a pretty new top from here which I bought in my favourite place next to Selfridges and Bicester I also picked up a cute little dress which has a black collar (pictured) and will be great with chunky tights and boots for autumn. Meadow got a mini boden jumper. I am in LOVE with their kids stuff! We went to Portsmouth early when it was just opening, and the morning was beautiful and me and Med sat watching the boats and drinking hot chocolates. Divine.

Miss M is obsessed with water at the moment, and finishes her day out with Daddy, in her PJ's, watering the plants...too cute for words, better expressed in pictures...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, post me links to what you were up to!

Paella night

Friday, 14 September 2012

Was beautiful! The sun as shining and it was crisp and autumnal!
Thanks to Husband for putting on a spread of Valencian Paella, chocolates and strawberries and wine...Happy weekend everyone xoxo

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