Birthday bits and bobs

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Meadow's birthday continues with presents still arriving!
I feel so bad that I've hardly spent time with her, as I have been working 12 hour days (the horror) at the moment and am not allowed to take leave, as we have launched a new drug.
She got the CUTEST little apron from Aunt Soph and Harry which I will blog tomorrow,  2 beautiful dresses, one from Tasha and one from Grandad and Sandy, numerous bunnies (her fave, she currently goes to bed with 5 bunnies), some gloriously sparkly shoes from Scotland (thank you, you know who you are) and my Dad thoroughly spoiled her with gifts galore.
We got her this
and this   
as well as this

It's been busy and I've snuck in a few purchases :)
Posts to follow....
For now a few pics of presents and her nooo dress as well as my favourite Rifel Paper Company writing set for thank you's, my precious LV scarf, Rich's milk heating face (bottom) "huwwy daddy wiv milky"


Cerys said...

That's one mighty fine milk making face! Xx

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