Monday, 23 December 2013

Life lately.
Loving denim, double denim, dip dyed denim, faded get it. Also loving adding some bling (this one is Zara as I still cannot commit to the JCrew ones! So pricey!) Not loving how tired I look, but hey! That's what a full time job and a kid does to poor eyes!

Loving my new Topshop fern shorts and also bought this sweater with the cutest shoulder detail ever! I saw a girl wearing it in blue, when i was in London and I had to track it down!! You ever do that? I couldn't stop until I found it. I was convinced it was Reiss but no, good ol' TS!!Probably should have just asked her, but felt weird about it. Anyway. Got it.

We braved the torrential rain today and took M to a theme park. It was seriously the worst day ever with rain pouring relentlessly and we were soaked to our skin. The things you do for children....she ahd a great day and WOW met their Santa (who was so convincing Meadow actually believed it was The Real One and did not throw a hissy fit outing him as fake)

You guys ready for Christmas? I KNOW some of you will be (I read your blogs girls!) but I am not. I leave it until Christmas Eve, and get wrapping with my mulled wine and my mince pie :)

Merry Christmas everyone xoxo

Weekend Winter Wonderland

Monday, 16 December 2013

We are near! Soooo near Christmas now, and I wasn't feeling it at all... So decided to have a 2 day winter wonderland experience with Meadow.. We spent Sunday at an English manor house near us, eating Christmas crepes and drinking mulled wine (me). There was the most beautiful vintage carousel that we watched for ages... Father Christmas was in town, but M wasn't having any of it. "NO Mummy. No. I don't want to go and see him. He is a fake Santa with fake presents" According to the event organisers M was the "first child of the weekend to say no" That's my girl!!! And check it out: her fringe is long again after the Jimmy Saville Debacle...I swear I Will Never Cut It Again.

Today we went to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, with one of my best friends Denise and fellow 3 year old Lila. Lila and Meadow held hands all the way around and were just the sweetest ever!!! But sorry no pics, I really hate dragging our expensive cameras in to busy London events as they weigh a ton and I already have a jammed bag full of Meadow stuff, wipes/snacks/spare know fellow Mums, you know. I read a lot of online stuff about the Hyde Park event but it really was fantastic. Besides being ultra expensive (hey it's LONDON) it was such a great day out. And it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

Hope you all having a great week! xx

Where I Wanna Be Wednesday

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's cold and dark and I want to feel warmth on my skin that is not from a fake source! Palm Springs anyone?
How I long for a 60's bungalow up on the hill, looking over Palm Springs sipping on a Margarita picked from one of these recipes. Got a favourite cocktail?

Failing that then a few more hours tucked up in bed in 500 thread count sheets, any higher and well that's just being silly, I'm not Victoria bloody Beckham, with a good book, maybe this (I am nothing if not a sucker for a teen novel, and I'm even telling the world. Bold)

What would you do with a spare few hours?

Winter Wonder

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas is coming! We are starting to get The Old Bake House ready. Slowly....Rich bought our tree yesterday, but no pics yet as he is naked (the tree not Rich)
Meadow is crazy for her chocolate advent calendar and sneaks window opening in when she thinks I am not looking...I remember doing the exact same thing, and also "accidentally" tearing the paper on my presents so i could have a sneak inside to try to guess what it was. Come on you did too, right?? I've booked us tickets to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and it looks so much fun (esp when you are 3 years old!). London is such a special city when it is all decked out for Christmas.

There was a gorgeous sunset here last night and I rushed home to try to catch it...(my photo is unedited, right out of the camera) it was all purples and pink and just beautiful. My MacBook is getting old now, and editing photos and then uploading them is proving nightmareish..I think I need to take the plunge and splurge on a new one. Apple have us wrapped around their fingers or what?? I am quite intrigued to see the film about Steve Jobs starring the gorgeous Ashton, although it gets terrible reviews. Anyone seen it? Maybe not a good way to spend 2 hours? Particularly since Ashton will not look like Ashton...

My Chicago List! It is still in production, but I can tell you it will include these in a bright pink and this from Starbucks! I love it! Also want to try this mascara from Covergirl as we don't get Covergirl here anymore. I am a sucker for a great mascara! My favourite is YSL..but I am always up for trying recommendations!

Have a good Thursday! xx

Love is all you need

Sunday, 1 December 2013

I am sorry for my lack of posts this week, you know how life takes over? I have had no time for photography lately, and I realised that it is my photos that inspire my voice and with no pictures, I have no words!
Rich turned 40 this week and it's been a tough few weeks around here. He has had a pure bitch from hell bride to deal with, which has really got to him. It really never happens to us, but she has really played him and is trying to say his work was poor and she wants the images but is not willing to pay for them..which is why we ALWAYS take money up front, and he made one tiny concession on this....and you get the picture (or not in her case!!!)

But you know, in the end, you cannot let life's hard asses get you down. You get back up and you come out fighting. At least that has always been my philosophy and what worries you today, will it worry you 5 years from now?

Today was a good day. We partied with our incredibly posh next door neighbour who ALWAYS has champagne on tap, and had a long long lunch with some great friends and their kids. It is what life is all about!

I hope you have all had a great week, and I will not promise my posts, they will be here when they are here but with everything getting all Christmassy, I expect my camera will help me capture some great shots soon... Meadow is beyond excited and loving her chocolate calendar. Can I open another window Mummy? No. Please? No. Please? Ah stuff it, go on then...:)

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