Winter Wonder

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas is coming! We are starting to get The Old Bake House ready. Slowly....Rich bought our tree yesterday, but no pics yet as he is naked (the tree not Rich)
Meadow is crazy for her chocolate advent calendar and sneaks window opening in when she thinks I am not looking...I remember doing the exact same thing, and also "accidentally" tearing the paper on my presents so i could have a sneak inside to try to guess what it was. Come on you did too, right?? I've booked us tickets to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and it looks so much fun (esp when you are 3 years old!). London is such a special city when it is all decked out for Christmas.

There was a gorgeous sunset here last night and I rushed home to try to catch it...(my photo is unedited, right out of the camera) it was all purples and pink and just beautiful. My MacBook is getting old now, and editing photos and then uploading them is proving nightmareish..I think I need to take the plunge and splurge on a new one. Apple have us wrapped around their fingers or what?? I am quite intrigued to see the film about Steve Jobs starring the gorgeous Ashton, although it gets terrible reviews. Anyone seen it? Maybe not a good way to spend 2 hours? Particularly since Ashton will not look like Ashton...

My Chicago List! It is still in production, but I can tell you it will include these in a bright pink and this from Starbucks! I love it! Also want to try this mascara from Covergirl as we don't get Covergirl here anymore. I am a sucker for a great mascara! My favourite is YSL..but I am always up for trying recommendations!

Have a good Thursday! xx


Amy at love made my home said...

The sunset is amazing! Love the cup on your Chicago list too. xx

courtney said...

Wow - what a sunset. That is too funny about Meadow being sneaky about her advent calendar, like mother like daughter! :)

I could not live without my covergirl mascara!! Addicted.

Jennifer said...

My two have had some Advent calendar "accidents" already too. :)

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Look at that little Meadow minx! Getting into the advent calendar.. My kids did the same.. I love this time of year. How fun that Hyde Park has a holiday thing. Wish I could see it.

I haven't had Covergirl for a while, but maybe I'll try this. Right now I splurged on the Giorgio Armani one and it's very good, but I can't always spend $35 on it!

When do you get the Chicago things?? It's terrible this time of year. Literally arctic, so if Rich is going there tell him to bring clothes for an ice storm!!


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