Current Elliot Monday on a Tuesday

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So we have been lucky enough to enjoy a long holiday weekend. And the sun was shining (mostly) and we ate out with friends, drank a lot of wine (yay) and had fun.

I The new Living Etc was delivered to my door Saturday morning and was enjoyed with a cup of strong coffee and some cake...but I have to be honest and say all these magazines have become so high end, you need to have like £10,000 to buy a frikkin coffee table.
New beauty buys I am loving at the moment: L'oreal Perfect Blur and Aussie Paw Paw ointment from Whole Foods. I'm generally a makeup snob but L'oreal was on offer and I thought why not.

II Loving a new heart shirt from Gap (sorry cannot get links to work properly today) worn with a necklace from Cos. Rich hates that necklace and shakes his head when I wear it. Lucky I generally don't take fashion advice from him.

III. My current elliots have been a great buy. I wear them constantly as they are SO comfy. I think they are overpriced (£300 what the WHAT) but price per wear (and I got mine in the sale with 25% off) works out okay.

Well, it's now Tuesday, but feels like a Monday, so I am doing what any working mother does on a Monday. I'm off to fill up a nice big glass of chilled Pinot and watch Cougar Town on LoveFilm.

Happy Tuesday everyone xoxo

An All Saints kinda day

Thursday, 22 August 2013

I don't think there is anything in life more soothing than the sea.
It is such a great place, to calm your busy mind and just be for a bit.
I had to travel for work yesterday and had the absolute pleasure of taking the car ferry. A glorious day, and all feels good in my little world.
That might partly be due to my new All Saints leather jacket. Maybe.
Hope all is well in your world

Weekend Portraiture

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The weekend is almost over.
A few more hours.
I love taking portraits, it's my photography love really. It's my favourite part of my weddings, taking the pictures of the couples together, alone.
These are a few rushed captures of Rich, leaving yesterday morning, early,  to go film a wedding here. Can you believe the family still live in it? Manor House! Can you imagine? Oh the parties I would throw if it were mine. It would be like the frikkin' Great Gatsby.

He hates getting his picture taken, as he is impatient. I'm glad I did. Meadow sprung in on the action. Never one to hang around the sidelines :)

Hope you are all having/had a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

Rag and Blog

Friday, 16 August 2013

So I had the very best of intentions today. Finish work at a reasonable hour, and get a blog post on my outfit (it was a good 'un)
But fate intervened, and my destiny was to spend 5 hours stuck in a 22 mile traffic jam leaving London....
And by the time I made it home, this little lady was passed out on the sofa. Her ickle feet! Don't be fooled though, they get sweaty :) And her poor fringe! Grow Grow Grow fringe! GROW!

So all I can leave you with is Rich's latest tattoo (ahoy me hearties) and my new Rag and Bone boots! Aren't they marvelous? Buy the leather version  here, I got mine directly from the Rag and Bone store in Oxford.. they are so comfy I love love love. Still undecided what to spend my voucher from Carla on...I look at Net-a-Porter everyday and change my mind :)
I also bought a little Gucci bag but I'm not sure if i like it or not. Will share it with you all soon for your opinion...maybe it will become a giveaway on my blog!?!

Have a happy weekend everyone and keep up with my instagram account to see what me and Meadow get up to this weekend (no weddings!)


Tired Tuesday

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

So I am kind of one of those annoying people with boundless energy.
I can do a 3 mile run, cook everyone breakfast, have hoovered the house, played shopkeeper with Meadow (!) fired off some emails and tidied the kitchen by 8 am.
Today. not so much.
I felt drained and out of sorts. So I am being kind to myself and taking the evening to look at my iPad (hello Pinterest - anyone else totally obsessed with this?? I can lose HOURS) and paint my nails.

Rich bought me some Green and Blacks (buttescotch YUM) and Vogue and I'm so loving Jennifer Lawrence. She is one cool cookie.

Anyway, sorry for a laclustre post, but to end on a high, Meadow shouted through to me earlier "MUMMY!MUUUMMMYY. Hurry! There is a bloody wasp in my room" Note to self. Stop swearing.
Also, I cut her fringe (bangs!) waaaayyy to short. Rich says it makes her look like Jimmy Saville (oh god). Note to self. NEVER cut Meadow's hair again. Ever

What Happened to the Weekend??

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I My current favourite work outfit. Dress: Theory Shoes: KG Sparkly top :French Connection Bag: Mulberry
II New tags from IKEA! Love!
III My new baby! A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree! I speak to him all the time and tell him I love him
IV Stars and Stripes and Sleeping Girl
V Cuckoo clock in The Old Bake House
VI Life is better out of focus
VII My new favourite top. Leopard print from GAP (can you believe it) Jeans that I live in, even although the rips are starting to border on obscene :) Zara

I am feeling all sorts of blah at the moment and am going through some sort of "I wanna change my life" phase.
My current 2 top choices are.

Move to Canada.
Go back to school to study something different (I did Politics)

Moving countries is massively appealing as it's such a proper BANG change and I love the USA so so much but they hate Brits moving over so I'm stuffed. Now Canada likes Brits and I could get a visa!(I think)

So much to think about! And sometimes, that's the best part. Maybe I will, maybe I won't but the possiblities of it all, are giving me a bit of light in a challenging couple of weeks.

Do you think about making big changes? Do you dream of different countries?


PS and did I tell ya I'm going to PARIS again in 8 weeks! Boooyaaaa!

Manic Monday

Monday, 5 August 2013

A few more schnaps of our be honest there is not that many, mostly because a) we take photos ALL the time, so a holiday is time out from that a bit...and b)we did nothing!!! Not much to take photos of!
It's been back to work with a bang, on Friday I got stuck in the central London traffic and it took me 4 hours to do a 80 minute journey...Saturday I shot a wedding in 32 degree heat (sweaty) and today has been phone call after phone call. Errr. I need a holiday??

I wanted to really take some time out in Spain to get some objectives and goals together, both for my home life and this blog. But somehow I never quite got pen to paper. I want my blog to be bigger, to be better but I'm just not sure I can dedicate the time to social media that this requires.

But I am nothing if not competitive and that encourages me to try!

So thank you to my loyal band of followers. If you think you would like to see/hear more about something from me...leave me a comment!

Happy Monday, wherever you are!
PS Still debating what to buy with my Net-A-Porter voucher from Carla
Or this? Both classics and you know I love me a denim shirt.....decisions...

Final note...driving in the car on Sunday, Meadow said "Mummy". "Yes, Meadow?" "You are a stinky little smurf"
I am still laughing! :)

Back to Life..Back to Reality

Thursday, 1 August 2013

We are home!
Clothes are away, laundry is sitting in the basket, pictures are downloaded!
Just a couple of pics that sum up our little vacay...more shots of the beautiful Costa Blanca to follow.
Feeling a bit 'back to school' tonight but in an amazing uplifting woop-da-woop....I won the wonderful A Little Slice Of competition!! Visit her fab blog for some great outfit inspo (and she has the most amaze hair-totally jealous) ! Love her! Thanks C!
Hope you have all enjoyed a great week, wherever you are....and is it weird that I have complained about lack of sunshine now, for MONTHS and now we have it, I am craving boots, scarves and jeans? hashtag Never Happy???
PS top shot I'm wearing my Gucci sunnies that were stolen. Damn Spain.

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