About Them

The 2 most important people in my life!
Mr Richard Ford
Photographer Extraordinaire and Film maker
Extraordinarily grumpy before 10am and often after 10am
Ridiculously handsome (as mentioned before)
Drinks tea
And brandy (but not together)
Is wheat free
Eats a lot of eggs and bacon
Smokes roll ups
Sighs a lot and mutters
Thinks most people are annoying and stupid and often, that includes me.
Speaks fluent Spanish and French
Is very modest
Accepts he is Husband No 2 and there will most likely be a 3

Miss Meadow
Is very cheeky
Says "choppy choppy Mummy'" with alarming regularity as I hussle around the OBH frantically trying to pack her bag and mine and grab gym kit.
Loves her dummy. Unfortunately.
Drinks her milky with relish and raises her eyebrows whilst doing so (CUTE)
Bumps in to everything
Always denies having done a poo
Has 7 bunnies all called bunny and takes them all to bed.
Loves strawberries and raspberries
And of course, choccie. Chocolate. Chocs. Chocccccyyyyy
Jazz hands (see below)


Hailey said...

she is totally adorable! great pic!

Bakehouseblog said...

Ah thanks Hailey! Xx

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