So Want To Sunday

Sunday, 30 June 2013

I have had such an exhausting work week, followed by a wedding shoot on Saturday ( a 12 hour day) followed by a Meadow/Mummy day at the zoo!
Weddings exhaust me in a way that is indescribable. I suppose it is the stress of the massive responsibility, coupled with the fact you never really get to eat or drink and also have to spend all day organising people and accommodating exactly what they want.
It's hard!
Yes of course, it is a great job, a job that many many covet, but it's not glamorous AT ALL! Unless maybe you are the amaze Max Wanger and get paid gazillions  to photograph weddings that are out of this world!
People always thank the florist, the venue, the staff, the band, the cake maker....and rarely (never) thank us! Dudes! We are the ones that ensure you have the perfect memory of your day! Anyway. Enough whinging from me.
I'm off to my bed.
How damned good does it look? Oh yeah.

Hope you all had a relaxed weekend enjoying the sun wherever you are xoxo

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What's in my Bag?!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

I don't know about you, but I LOVE looking at what's in their bag posts. I always have. I love seeing things like celebrity editor's travel essentials/what's in my suitcase/what to pack articles. Weird. But i am guessing lots of others do too? Otherwise they would not be so popular!
I'm off overnight, and these are some 24 hour essentials (minus clothes, that's another post)
I can survive with these, probably for a week easily.
First up. My actual bags. Phillip Lim Pashli satchel (Harvey Nichols) and Prada cross over mini satchel (
Louis Vuitton passport holder (LOOOOOVE), kindle and 2 notebooks (one work, one thoughts and to do's) from Mulberry and Smythsons of Bond Street. Make up bag from Fendi (I got mine half price in the sale)

Make Up Essentials.
I am in love with my BB cream from Loreal. I have tried 3 others now, including Origins, Boots No 7 and now Loreal, and I must say it beats them hands down. It is a white cream and blends in to your skin tone. Buy it. I swear it's awesome. Almost life changing. Almost. Not like in the way winning Euromillions would.
Nars bronzers. Chanel travel brush. Chanel eye shadow cream in silver metallic. I adore this. It comes with a tiny brush! I love anything tiny! It's super sparkley and easy to blend on to your lids.
My Benefit white eyebrow highlighter pencil is my most essential out of everything. I draw it on my bottom lashes, and in the corners of my eyes and I'm on my 4th (each lasts at least a year). It makes my eyes pop like crazy (in a good way!)
Perfume, Ofresia by Dyptique, it was a gift (thanks CJ) and everyday, every single day, people ask what it is and where they can buy it.

On My List To Buy
Bobbi Brown factor 50 face cream. I got a sample and I love it. It's creamy and blends really well. Now I am aging (BOOOO) I am so aware of smothering my face in SPF. I have Scottish skin, freckles and all.
Louis Vuitton key holder. I saw them in store and they are gorgeous. I lose my keys constantly. Every day. Maybe this will help!!!

Sorry there are no links, I have a flight to catch! I will relink Friday.
Please please add your wonderful comments on your travel essentials xoxox


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What you didn't know? That matching your top to your kitchen cabinets is cool?
Unintentionally (I suppose?!? I hope?!?) inspired by my very own kitchen, I am loving the pop of baby blue in this top (Zara) matched with my print skirt. And because I am crazy for colour, a cheap ol' H&M necklace to really go for it. Meadow had waaaay to much fun tangling it up afterwards. That my friends, is why cheap is best! Expensive things get ruined! Meadow squeeeeeeezed out ALL my Clarins products at the weekend (bye bye Beauty Flash Balm, Anti-Aging SPF15 Moisturiser, Anti-Aging Serum, Moisture Mask et al. It was nice knowing you. "Mummy. DO NOT come upstairs. I am PAINTING". The shutters. With your very expensive creams.
Insert scream here______

Anyways. Let the expense continue..Play bag lady with my Stephen Sprouse limited edition Vuitton. Go on. Then clamber in to your "office" and knock over all Daddy's files.
I love that kid.

Tomorrow! Is "what's in my bag?" post AND what's in my carry-on. Oh-er. As I am off. Again.To Jersey. No not that Jersey...this Jersey!


Weekend Wanderings

Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's been a crazy busy long long long week. I have been away with work, in a hotel where my mind refused to sleep! Argghh! Meadow has been really challenging this month too, with tantrums and really generally being a brat. SO...
I. this is very appropriate!
I'm a talker. I always have been. I'm pretty much an open book, honest and not scared to argue a point. With life and all it's challenges, I sometimes toy with the idea of a therapist. And then I read this. II. and I realised that talking is my therapy.
III. We read these a LOT. I mean a lot.
IV. I am such a magpie at the moment. This is one of my favourites, from here. I kinda sorta totally want everything she makes.
V. Sales are in full force and I picked out this little baby from The Kooples. And yes it leaves you open to comments "I really really want to unzip that" from male colleagues!
VI. And a special hard work reward. I wanted the monogrammed one, but it has to go to Paris (!?!why) and takes 2 months. I am totally impatient. That would so not happen. Esp as we go to Spain in 4 weeks and I want to take it obviously!
VII. Meadow chatting on her phone. She has an 'office' and does "eeemails" and is often "busy". Wonder who she gets that from?!?
VIII. Nooo shoes. She is so picky now. SHe loves shoes and bags. Say no more.I know what you are thinking.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend, and I promise outfit post and whats in my bag this week.

What's up Wednesday?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I. Loving my brightest of bright (yes they ARE that colour) Zara trou and yes still loving that scarf! I am wearing it every day at the moment. Not loving the shirt as after wearing for an hour it crushes and that is my ultimate no-no. And that sums up my love/hate/love relationship with Zara..their clothes are really quite disposable. I'd rather pay more and wear more....
II. Meadow dashing past. No don't wipe my face. No don't want to wear my shoes.
III. Gardening with Papa. Melted my heart a little bit. Until she saw me and started chucking those wood chips at me. Quite violently. She sort of hates me at the moment because I am working so much and get home late and then do emails. So I guess there will be more wood chips coming my way, because I am away with work for a few days. Eeeks.

Stay tuned for a what's in my bag and how to downsize! Coming soon! Maybe tomorrow before I dash of to London for back to back meetings! Love! xoxo

PS me: shirt/trousers both Zara. Shoes, KG. Scarf. Whistles
Miss M. dress Next.

PS I got a PARKING TICKET today. Sucks. 

Weekend wanderings

Sunday, 16 June 2013

I. Doesn't Meadow's hair look a lot like the tubs of grass? Life imitating nature? Poor bugger so has my crazy hair.
II. Loving my Sandro bag this weekend. Reminds me of Paris and the fantastic girlie weekend with my bestie.
III. Pairing smart with casual is my latest favourite. Shirt The Kooples (baaaadly want me and Rich to be one of their couples before we get too old and uncool..actually maybe we are already too old and uncool. How depressing) and dress from Zara. Which I bought to wear to my wedding and then freaked and spent £100's on a hand sewn sequin dress from Reiss (see here)
IV All about matching toes to cardigans. Or cardigans to toes? Surely you are too?
V Richie got himself a new tat. The first of many.

Hope you all had a great weekend. XO

Flash Back Friday

Friday, 14 June 2013

First up
Flash back Friday!
My baby Meadow in the bath (sink, yes that is fairy liquid but I promise she had her own appropriate baby bath in there)) all chubby wubby and kissable and just delicious. Seems like yesterday! She looks so sweet it makes me think. Hmmmm. Another? :)
Second. The Cos sale has started. And I splurged. Follow my instagram to see my buys.
Third. Have a great weekend!


Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

So I got an email (thank you, sweet reader CJ) asking for a post on weddings. Shooting weddings, being a part of a wedding day, is a gift. It's one I do not take lightly. A lot goes in to shooting a wedding,  the least of which I am on my feet and constantly thinking, waiting, watching, for a whole 8+ hours (unless you have decided to skip the evening, and want me for 4 hours). Yep, definitely accounts for the wrinkles on my left eye.
I am so lucky with my couples who pick me (us) and they tend to get married in amazing venues (see that little baby above!!) and are chilled and have great looking guests (my bride above works for ASOS as a buyer..say no more)

If you are getting are my words of wisdom (not on marriage, hell no! just on photography!)

1. First and, to me the most important fact...after the champagne is drunk, the last guests leave, and the honeymoon begins (enjoy) the only reminders of that wonderful day will be your fabulous memories. your spiffy new ring, and your photos.
2. With this in mind. Allocate a decent part of your budget to a decent photographer. Maybe cut in to the flower/dress/shoe budget if you have to. Flowers last a day. Photos are your lasting reminder.
3. Pick a photographer that suits your style. For example, I hate posed, group style shots. I am a journalistic photographer. So if you want lots of family, styled shots, pick a photog who is happy to do that, a more classic style of capturing your day.
4. Spent time on the photog's website. Look through their last few weddings. Even if they are different venues to yours. Check it out baby!
5. Meet them. skype them, call them, email them. Ask every question that is on your mind (but please, please don't ask if we shoot RAW :)
6. Make sure the images are yours. You have paid a lot of money for them (I hope) and they should be yours to copy,email, post to your blog, facebook etc etc.
7. Thank your photog. There is always a lot of thanking the bridesmaids (natch) the venue, the florist, the master of ceremonies, the string quartet, the minister...errr hello! Hello! Over here with the majorly heavy equipment! Yes, there you go. Thank you! Look after them. Feed them. We respond well to all of the fore mentioned :)

Any other me.... :)

Oh yes and if you want to see more, hop over to our site.

OOh maybe I should start a Wedding Photographers Style Blog. FYI I always wear a new dress from Whistles it's my lucky anti rain charm.


Tuesday Love

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Today is Tuesday. Yup, we have discussed this before. Dullest day of the week. And today. Tuesday. it also rained.
Anyway. Lucky for me (us!) I have some sunny snaps from the weekend! Hurrah.
Meadow was sharing her joy with me at the cheap o plastic princess shoes. How she loved them For 5 minutes.
Wearing my Lover sweatshirt by the uber talented Miss Meg Biram. She does limited edition t-shirts and sweaters and I love them/her. My friend Beth, who reads my blog (Hi B!) commented on how nice it is to see my face (as my style shots are usually, well, shot by me!) The thing is, i explained to her that me and Rich have differing ideas on style shots and usually we fall out. I 'critique' his shots, he gets cross and it's a disaster. Or even worse, Meadow does something catastrophic, while we are debating shutter speeds etc etc and falls down the stone steps in our garden (hello there scraped tiny nose). You get the picture. Anyway. I will try to overcome our marital disharmony over shots, and do more!

Hope you are all having a sunnier Tuesday than us, and please, please. Do not let me cut Meadow's fringe again. Poor kid

PS shorts Gap, Sunnies Gucci!

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 9 June 2013

I. Meadow's artwork II.Mama's reading III. New Havaianas for summer IV. Plastic princess shoes. Oh Yeah.

BBQ, Blogging and Blunders

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Trying to get outfit shots.
Failed miserably
Firstly check out our hair! Fuzzzy.
Secondly I will treasure these forever and ever and ever. Clothes, earrings, watches and bags will come and go. Precious moments like these, are for always.
Happy weekend everyone XO
PS Meadow does not have weird teeth, she fell over when she was 1 and hit her front teeth on the toilet. Chipped them. True story.

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