What The Wednesday

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Well today was all planned out.
Leave early. Check
Go shopping in the amaze Bicester Village (why can I never spell 'Bicester'!?! Ever??) Check
Buy Gucci scarf. Check
Consider buying a Celine organiser but walk away (I did! Applause please) Check
Watch Meadow go down the slide and clap and cheer. x500. Check
Sit in traffic on way to Manchester for 6.5 hours. Nope. No. Not on list.
And last but not least.
Sit helplessly on motorway as Meadow threw up the pickled onion monster munch crisps she ate at the service station. No not on list either. Still, excited to be back in car tomorrow for another 5 hours reliving the onion smell.
Arrive at amaze apartment 7 hours after plan!
Still both smiling!
Night night!

Grey Matter

Monday, 25 March 2013

It's been a crazy weekend around here.
Seem to be buying grey. With a bit of black and white thrown in for good measure. Thanks again Whistles. Or maybe they should be thanking me? Everyone asks where my outfits are from!!!!!!

Talking of grey, Meadow fell out of her high chair on Saturday morning and literally turned my world upside down for a day.
The sight of your child, drowsy and unresponsive is terrifying.
It puts the everything in to perspective.
Back to being thankful. Because it kind of got away from me for a few days.
Because life without this little treasure seeking, pirate loving, chocaholic, crazy dancing, smiling, cheeky bundle of blondness, would be no life at all.

Hello Lover

Thursday, 21 March 2013

 Today was along work day, a patient couldn't access one of my drugs, which is BAD, and it RAINED all damn day.
My beautiful sunshiney Lover sweatshirt arrived today and, well, I LOVE it.
I asked Rich to take some pics, and I swear my Alexander Wang infinity scarf looked better in reality than it has transferred on to film...anyway. Buy a Lover sweatshirt from here.
Thanks Meg!
So while I was barking directions at Rich, Meadow was keeping busy. Busy Bee. She even kept me a sticker.
Hope you all had a good Thursday :)

Monday Madness

Monday, 18 March 2013

Meadow doing Meadow's favourite thing of the moment. Changing her clothes on a whim. Here, pictured watching the Grinch, and deciding on an impromtu change, and tangling herself up in her top. Big sigh.
Excuse the mess on the kitchen table. Sometimes, it just explodes with crap.

Today, has been interesting. It took me 4 hours to get in to central London, instead of 50 minutes. That kind of totally sucked. On the upside, I had my mini iPad and had just downloaded Breaking Dawn! The fight is just the BEST. Oh My God, Carlisle's head and Aro's self satisfied smile? OMG.

Another upside was after my long tedious boring meeting, the trains were, naturally, all cancelled, so I bummed around Covent Garden in the rain, got soaked to the skin and bought these bad boys,(seriously Whistles, when are you going to start paying me attention and sponsoring me???) along with some leggings with leather down the middle from H&M, and a cozy knit from Cos, so felt quite pleased with myself.

Walking through the pouring rain felt good! Even although I had on my dress and work boots and (holy shit) my precious Pashli, it was good to get really, really soaked. Soaked so bad, that 2 men offered me their umbrellas (who says chivalry is dead??) and one of them was homeless. Humbling indeed. (I said no and yes, I will be dropping him off coffee every time I see him)

Hope you are all staying dry xo

Perils of The Pashli

Thursday, 14 March 2013

 So I decided to capture some decent shots of the Pashli, but had a little someone interfering along the way.
We love a good bag around here. Also loving bright pops of colour. Hello neon! I remember you. I believe we were friends back in the 80's when I wore you in the form of t-shirts and laces in my shoes :)
In other notable news, I eventually went to the dentist after enduring toothache for like a whole week. That little trip cost me £500 and has me thinking I am so in the wrong job. £500 for an hour? WTF?

The rest of my evening so far has been spent watching numerous episodes of Peppa Pig and shouting at the dog.
That's a great visual for you right there, non?

The small remaining part left, I plan to eat my own weight in popcorn and other sugary snacks and say "take that you expensive mofos" to my teeth.



Tuesday, 12 March 2013

So very truly thankful for this little toot! Full of joy! Skipping along in her ickle strawberry wellies.

Thankful Tuesday

It's been busy around here!
I've been in Oxford for 2 days with work, eating fries and drinking red wine and presenting on the new NHS and filling out spreadsheets.
But I'm back in the OBH and it's so good to come home to The Toot and The Husband and The Beagle! The OBH is good for the soul.
Whenever I'm in work mode, I have a tendency to switch in to Moan Mode. I moan about traffic. I moan about spreadsheets. I moan about my company and their ways. Sometimes to colleagues (and then we have a maj moan fest) sometimes just to myself. And lately I am on a real drive to STOP MOANING GOD DAMN IT. It's so boring! This has been inspired by the Magic. The basic premise is until you are thankful, you won't get any more. I totally buy in to it. So I'm being thankful. For everything. Today I even heard myself thanking my face wash for being so frothy. Ok. Maybe taking it a step too far.
But all I know is, being thankful feels good!

SO thank you lovely Beth, for the mini-Boden clothes for Miss M! Good golly she is going to rock those dresses.
Thank you to Jack Wills for my sweater with bluebells on it. It makes me smile.
Thank you to Harpers Bazaar for making a mag with lovely things in it I can't afford (but soon will cause I am thankful!)
Thank you red wine in Oxford for being so delicious
Thank you face wash for being frothy. :)

What are you thankful for? List 10 things right now! xo

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

We got up late and watched TV with our bedhead's :) check it out! Wowzers Meddie Mog!
We ate brunch here (I had buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and bananas YUUUMMM)
We bought new knickers (ok I bought new knickers, although Meadow picked up some tweetiepie ones (!! seriously like who buys tweetipie pants??) but I reminded her she needs to get the hang of "potty" first) from here and then spent the rest of the day tidying up the chaos of The OBH and clearing up some work crap. Ughhh expenses. Ughhh.
We forgot our camera memory card (ok me again)
We (ok, me again) laughed at Meadow's new song.
It goes "Daddy is a grumpy old fart. Daddy is a grruummppyy old fart. Daddy is a..." You get the picture. I have no idea where she got those words from. None, not a one.
Rich did not take it well.
We admired my new bag again. Rich thinks it cost £185 (his guess) I'm not confirming or denying, but I may have have let out a small snort when he guestamated. Please God do not let him a) read this or b) google Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel (both highly unlikely).... I'm doing that thing you did when you were 6, and got new shoes and left them in clear sight, so when you woke up bang you saw them the minute you opened your eyes. Come on. You did do that, right? Yup, The Pashli is at the end of my bed.

We missed our mamas big time. It's always hard to see families out and about because it makes me miss my Mum SOOOO much. She would have LOVED to have taken me out for lunch and spoiled my baby. I miss her every day.

So for those of you without mamas, a big hug to you from us. For those of you who are lucky enough to have their mums around, give them an extra hug today from us.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Friday friends, here comes the weekend!
Hoping it brightens up, as my morning run with The Beagle is decidedly less fun in the rain - soggy trainers not my favourite.
Hope you all have a great weekend xo

PS Holidays on my mind! It is so the time of year to cheer yourself up with travel plans, non? I'd go here if money was more fluid at the moment, but instead am going home! Share your plans! (although if it involves Palm Springs then keep that to yourself :)

Phillip Lim 3.1 Pashli in Ink

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Oh No You Didn't!
Oh I So Did.
Meet my little friend.
He is a beauty! I feel CRAZY for being so extravagant but I HAD TO
Expect to see him feature here. A lot!

Hello Sunshine

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Made us feel so much better.
Breakfasting in the early morning rays and long dog walk at the end of the day....come on summer we need your energy around here.
Work still being done on our house that seems never ending, and Rich is permanently wandering around fixing up things and painting and we just want it all finished for summer. Our house is such a natural party house, with it's levels and open space and drama.

The Beagle is getting better behaved and we LOVE that pup. He really brings the sunshine. I said to Rich today, that boy, he makes people so happy! Not one person walks past him without speaking to him. On a long walk, that can be 15 people. All walking away with a smile :)

Happy Tuesday! xo

PS My jacket is from Barbour! Love it!

What's on my mind.....

Monday, 4 March 2013

I admit I spent a long time putting together my instagram collage. And tomorrow there will be another. So hope you like 'em. Me and Miss M hit London and instagrammed our way around. But a little of what I'm thinking about today....Notting Hill. It's been too long. I want to go sit in a cafe and watch all the rich people go by. Miss M is getting really crafty these days (in more ways than one). PALM SPRINGS please please 2014. And finally, this baby will be mine. You better believe it...but in the meantime I am stalking this little lady and her perfect style. Until tomorrow friends xo

Saturday is where it's at

Saturday, 2 March 2013

SO it's Saturday.
I've been mixing my safari prints with a sweater from Whistles and scarf from Zara and layering up in 2 Barbour jackets as it is FREEZING.

Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine in the OBH.

Matching my mani to my kindle cover (this one)

Watching Tinkerbell at the movies for the second time with Meadow. It kills me how she just sits there munching popcorn watching the movie. For an hour. She is two years old! She even gets up and dances at the end...kills me!

Feeling a tad underachiever when reading that my husband's ex, who is not only best mates with Mr Hardy but also is the new scriptwriter on 50 shades
Go girl! I can only hope that the charm was The Mog and that it will be me next :) Also hoping they pick the vampire dude Ian Somerwhatsit as Christian. He is a beauty.

On that note. I'm off to soothe The Moglet back to sleep as she is teething and waking up like every 15 minutes. Wine please! Stat!

Anyone got any good ex stories? Send them my way please :) But not if they involve anyone from Byker Grove. Oh hang on that was me :)

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