Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

We got up late and watched TV with our bedhead's :) check it out! Wowzers Meddie Mog!
We ate brunch here (I had buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and bananas YUUUMMM)
We bought new knickers (ok I bought new knickers, although Meadow picked up some tweetiepie ones (!! seriously like who buys tweetipie pants??) but I reminded her she needs to get the hang of "potty" first) from here and then spent the rest of the day tidying up the chaos of The OBH and clearing up some work crap. Ughhh expenses. Ughhh.
We forgot our camera memory card (ok me again)
We (ok, me again) laughed at Meadow's new song.
It goes "Daddy is a grumpy old fart. Daddy is a grruummppyy old fart. Daddy is a..." You get the picture. I have no idea where she got those words from. None, not a one.
Rich did not take it well.
We admired my new bag again. Rich thinks it cost £185 (his guess) I'm not confirming or denying, but I may have have let out a small snort when he guestamated. Please God do not let him a) read this or b) google Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel (both highly unlikely).... I'm doing that thing you did when you were 6, and got new shoes and left them in clear sight, so when you woke up bang you saw them the minute you opened your eyes. Come on. You did do that, right? Yup, The Pashli is at the end of my bed.

We missed our mamas big time. It's always hard to see families out and about because it makes me miss my Mum SOOOO much. She would have LOVED to have taken me out for lunch and spoiled my baby. I miss her every day.

So for those of you without mamas, a big hug to you from us. For those of you who are lucky enough to have their mums around, give them an extra hug today from us.


Cerys said...

Good lord that's a bird's nest! Xx

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