Saturday is where it's at

Saturday, 2 March 2013

SO it's Saturday.
I've been mixing my safari prints with a sweater from Whistles and scarf from Zara and layering up in 2 Barbour jackets as it is FREEZING.

Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine in the OBH.

Matching my mani to my kindle cover (this one)

Watching Tinkerbell at the movies for the second time with Meadow. It kills me how she just sits there munching popcorn watching the movie. For an hour. She is two years old! She even gets up and dances at the end...kills me!

Feeling a tad underachiever when reading that my husband's ex, who is not only best mates with Mr Hardy but also is the new scriptwriter on 50 shades
Go girl! I can only hope that the charm was The Mog and that it will be me next :) Also hoping they pick the vampire dude Ian Somerwhatsit as Christian. He is a beauty.

On that note. I'm off to soothe The Moglet back to sleep as she is teething and waking up like every 15 minutes. Wine please! Stat!

Anyone got any good ex stories? Send them my way please :) But not if they involve anyone from Byker Grove. Oh hang on that was me :)


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