Perils of The Pashli

Thursday, 14 March 2013

 So I decided to capture some decent shots of the Pashli, but had a little someone interfering along the way.
We love a good bag around here. Also loving bright pops of colour. Hello neon! I remember you. I believe we were friends back in the 80's when I wore you in the form of t-shirts and laces in my shoes :)
In other notable news, I eventually went to the dentist after enduring toothache for like a whole week. That little trip cost me £500 and has me thinking I am so in the wrong job. £500 for an hour? WTF?

The rest of my evening so far has been spent watching numerous episodes of Peppa Pig and shouting at the dog.
That's a great visual for you right there, non?

The small remaining part left, I plan to eat my own weight in popcorn and other sugary snacks and say "take that you expensive mofos" to my teeth.



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