Friday, 31 August 2012

Not thank god it's Friday around here because we have back to back weddings!
I'm in Chelsea all next week, so blog will be reduced to instagram posts! They should be exciting-ish though :)

Little pic of Miss M standing on my Topshop flats - she is obsessed with the studs! She loves shoes and bags just like mama....and I WISH she could still fit that hat. It was too cute! People thought she was a boy, despite me dressing her in pink, but I loved that tiny hat :)

Today was spent doing expenses, getting my camera gear together and packing for my week away. All dull and time consuming. So off to watch some of this as it makes me laugh and drink some of this

Happy weekend xo

Anthropologie and a whole lot more

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Get ready.
BIG blog post. Feel bad about inadequate London pics and lack of decent beach ones too.
First up purchases!
Got the cutest tape dispenser (!) from Anthropologie that is like a camera (very appropriate in this house)
Jumper from here
Canvas bag from Anthro that is just a gorgeous mix of summer brights (and hell, we have had NO summer so I'm taking brightness where i can get it)
Finally gotten around to wearing my sequin Zara jacket with my red jeans (such a bargain from here )

This afternoon me and Miss M went here which is hands down my favourite cafe of the moment. We had the most gorgeous beetroot and poppyseed cake that we fought over :)
Then a wander along the seafront and found a pavillion where we did a lot of crazy "danseen"
I LOVE that girl! She is just so CUTE! My Dad agrees with me but he said that we are totally biased. And I don't care! Yesterday Rich was taking her to nursery and he was faffing about and she said "C'mon Daddy. Choppy choppy" Ahhhh she KILLS me!
PS When is Meadow going to get more teeth? Bets please. Also for the record, she only has her dummy at nap times (10 mins before and 10 mins after) Just if you were wondering:)

London today

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I ventured in to town to basically get some Pinkberry frozen yoghurt! At last they have a store here!
It was raining and London is not really the place to be in the rain...but I took a few pics.
Wholefoods Picadilly, which is awesome. My lunch! Nom nom.
Coconut Pinkberry from here
And Selfridges are still flying the GB flag everywhere
Their shoe department is amazeballs. This light installation is opposite Prada shoes (natch) and the shoe room is all dark and disco like..Of course the shoes I want are £365...these but in grey leather. TDF... pics of purchases tomorow as I ran out of light today..


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Forgot my memory card for the Canon so iPhone pics today...
Coffeeeeeee. One for me and one for the mini-mog (hers is frothy milk - she is bouncy enough)
Fun at the beach with Auntie Soph and Harry. Beautiful blustery day in Hampshire (check out Moglet's hair! Mine was worse) and it cheered us up and life felt really really good there. There is something so special about the sea.
Lots of snacks. Most of which ended up on my new jeans. I had soggy biscuit wiped on me, a fruit pouch thrown at me, and then Meadow sat on my lap and peed on me as her nappy leaked. Still had the best day :)

Paris. I can't wait to see you!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bits of our weekend

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Colder and broke out my fave Zara coat with leather's last season but River Island and Topshop have copies. My expression is 'hurrrrryyy up and take the damn photo please Rich'
Still loving my Marni bag
Scarf with polka dots in a fab colour combo
a little truism that we keep pinned in our room
A new vintage box that I'm deciding what to do with
A present from my Husband - a Spruce! I love Spruces as they remind me of home.
Meadow's baby Ipanema's! They get me everytime I see them! She calls them her 'flips'

Talking of Meadow, who will be 2 in a few weeks (!!!) a couple of my favourite quotes
"Daddy go away"- when she was sitting on Rich's tolix stool
"Come ON Mummy' - waiting to go out
"Meadow do horsey on your shoulders' - eh no thanks Med.
and when offered water:
"no Meadow want wine"

Happy weekend everyone :)

Funfairs and Marni bags

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Packed such a lot into today!
It started with Meadow managing to unscrew her stairgate. Seriously she has a crazy mind for working things out!
Some little snapshots from Meadow's room - her Eames rocker and tree wall stencil.

My new Marni bag pictured as promised. I love it!
Meadow also has an awesome new bag, complete with a beautiful fabric flower and her name in the softest denim ever. THANK YOU so much to Tilly and her Mama! More pics of it will feature as Meadow loves it and carries it everywhere :)
Petit Bateau mailing - love my French name :)

We went here and did a little shopping in Ralph Lauren and The White Company...
Also had fun with Daddy on the trampolines and part enjoyed/part hated the quads...

Jamie's ice-cream - the best!

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