Things I would do

Thursday, 9 August 2012

if I had another baby.
(which I have zero plans to do at the moment FYI)
1. Take several cute blankies to hospital, like this one or this one. I took ONE !!! which was not enough as babies spit up copious amounts and so Meadow ended up wrapped in a towel. See below.
2. Make sure that Husband does as promised and knows how carseat works. Pretty sure we got that wrong. See below
3. As professional photographers with extremely expensive cameras, take one to hospital, so not left with grainy iPhone pics of brand new child. See below.
4. Also take a book. I had loads of alone time and was bored. Babies sleep. A lot. Thoroughly enjoying this
5. Allow my Dad to come along (not in The Room but be around). He wanted to. I refused and then realised actually I wished he was there.
6. Take teeny tiny onesies. All Meadows were too big and she looked lost. Also buy millions as you change them constantly. My favourites.

Random post, but hopefully useful :)


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