Anthropologie and a whole lot more

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Get ready.
BIG blog post. Feel bad about inadequate London pics and lack of decent beach ones too.
First up purchases!
Got the cutest tape dispenser (!) from Anthropologie that is like a camera (very appropriate in this house)
Jumper from here
Canvas bag from Anthro that is just a gorgeous mix of summer brights (and hell, we have had NO summer so I'm taking brightness where i can get it)
Finally gotten around to wearing my sequin Zara jacket with my red jeans (such a bargain from here )

This afternoon me and Miss M went here which is hands down my favourite cafe of the moment. We had the most gorgeous beetroot and poppyseed cake that we fought over :)
Then a wander along the seafront and found a pavillion where we did a lot of crazy "danseen"
I LOVE that girl! She is just so CUTE! My Dad agrees with me but he said that we are totally biased. And I don't care! Yesterday Rich was taking her to nursery and he was faffing about and she said "C'mon Daddy. Choppy choppy" Ahhhh she KILLS me!
PS When is Meadow going to get more teeth? Bets please. Also for the record, she only has her dummy at nap times (10 mins before and 10 mins after) Just if you were wondering:)


Cupcakej said...

Second from new all time fav pic of Meadow!
Second from new fav pic of yours (love that tape dispenser)!


Bakehouseblog said...

Tape dispenser rocks! I love it! Haha amends hair crazy cause it was so windy! Haha xxxx

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