Sometimes the answer is to get dirty

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday already??
Been sorting out the OBH and having a good old spring clean. Moving things around and clearing space. We have a huge gap in our bedroom on the "3rd" level of our mezzanine and I have no idea what to fill it with. A desk? A big comfy chair and book space? Nothing?
Saving my favourite old suitcase though. Where has it been in it's life?
Meadow is moving up a class at nursery! Her schedule for induction which I thought I'd capture as a keepsake...My baby is going to the "toddler" group aka "the piglets" :)
Reading magazines this weekend - they all have winter season clothing which is MAD as we have not had a summer yet...but LOVING this outfit.Red magazine
Park time with Harry and both were being brave on the big slide, and finding a huge, muddy puddle to jump in....never mind the leather shoes and Cath Kidson are only 21 months once after all......but seriously what is in mud that makes it washproof????
My fave pic of Med and Harry in the distance and Harry has fallen in a dip!
Hope you all had a fab weekend - I'm ridiculously pleased with myself for only spending on groceries this weekend (although how I manage to spend £100 on 3 dinners is beyond me) - no extra purchases! Woop!


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