Sunshine and Smythson

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rich has finished our decking! Hurrah we can finally sit outside with a glass of vino and enjoy our view of The OBH and the beautiful South Downs(just in sight!)
Meadow had fun tumbling about on her beanbag and our little space is finished just in time for my parents visit from Scotland.
Rich laughing with my Dad and sunlight hitting the OBH. My favourite time of day just before sunset. Life just feels better then :)

2 new purchases - Prada perfume and my Smythson of Bond Street new iPhone case, as when i dropped my old one, I shattered the case as well as the phone...double disaster. Also bought a new Marni bag but not photographed it yet......
Tomorrow planning brunch somewhere yummy and cannot believe I am half way through my first week of holiday and it's Meadow's birthday in a few weeks. I've got pinterest planning to do. I always find pinterest so inspirational and kind of wish i could live there (if it was a place) as everything is so beautiful! Does that sound mad or what?

Off to sit on our decking (listening to Meadow singing Happy Birthday in her cot. Her favourite song at the mo:)
Happy Tuesday evening everyone!


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