Bits of our weekend

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Colder and broke out my fave Zara coat with leather's last season but River Island and Topshop have copies. My expression is 'hurrrrryyy up and take the damn photo please Rich'
Still loving my Marni bag
Scarf with polka dots in a fab colour combo
a little truism that we keep pinned in our room
A new vintage box that I'm deciding what to do with
A present from my Husband - a Spruce! I love Spruces as they remind me of home.
Meadow's baby Ipanema's! They get me everytime I see them! She calls them her 'flips'

Talking of Meadow, who will be 2 in a few weeks (!!!) a couple of my favourite quotes
"Daddy go away"- when she was sitting on Rich's tolix stool
"Come ON Mummy' - waiting to go out
"Meadow do horsey on your shoulders' - eh no thanks Med.
and when offered water:
"no Meadow want wine"

Happy weekend everyone :)


Cerysj said...

LOVE that outfit! And LOOK at your garden! I can't even figure out whats going looks sooo diff!!! xx

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