About Me

First time Mama
Wife to a ridiculously handsome husband
Country dweller
City lover
Reads too much (or maybe not enough)
Lives in a converted Bake House
That is a little bit damp
And a lot gorgeous
Home interiors obsessive
Refuses to get new reading glasses and wears ones that are 6 years old
But splurges EVERY year on new sunnies
Likes a good rant
Is rarely (never) wrong
Goes crazy over a good handbag, and has done since the age of 3
Loves chocolate rice cakes
Coffee (italian and strong)
Stars and stripes
Should be American (damn you America for your lack of interest in Brits!)


CJ said...

Wonderful, marvellous you!

Bakehouseblog said...

You are so biased but at least I have one reader! Thank you best friend! X

Amy said...

Gorgeous photo and cute description of you... love how you live in an old bakehouse! x

Anonymous said...

My new bestie overseas! I loooove it!

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