Fun Filled Friday!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Such a lovely day today
Spent with family and had a delicious lunch at our local pub. I went for the ultimate comfort food...Sausage and Mash. Can't beat it :)

Meadow had fun tonight next door, as their house was full of kids and she had an absolute ball helping Marianna our fabulous neighbour (and trained ballet dancer)
with peeling the potatoes for their dinner. I must let her help me with little tasks, as she absolutely adores it. I remember how much I used to love doing the dishes with my Mum when i was a little girl. And wearing her shoes. And her handbags. Talking of which my beloved is back! YAY! Thank you Mulbers for fixing! Although I believe at £895 your clasps should not really come off!!!!!

STILL raining here..I fear we may wash away...and actually as most of our roads are closed due to them turning in to rivers, we actually might....and also it means I am not to keen to take my camera out and about, plus rainy pics are not my fave...

Talking of which Miss M did not want her picture taken tonight, she bolted off the sofa when my camera came out :) still who doesn't want to see a pic of her little tushy clambering over the sofa??
Bought her the cutest little red Barbour gilet (with Liberty lining!) If only they made adult sizes!!!!! And yes, I am strategizing over her dummy habit. She LOVES them. Now she only gets them at night or if she is having a major meltdown....over the next few weeks she will get them less and less! I am throwing them out one by one (helped hugely by the fact the puppy has bitten through 4 of them :) Wish me luck! Bye bye dummies!

Happy Friday everyone xo

Merry Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful day!
Ours was a lovely chilled family day. We drank champagne, we ate a load of chocolate and we laughed a lot.

So it's Sunday

Sunday, 23 December 2012

We packed it in!! (and when i say 'we' I always mean me and Miss M)

Rich never really participates in anything we do, from activities out, to Starbucks or whatever. I feel bad that he misses out on so much, but I suppose that this is pretty common. I don't really remember my Dad being around much either when I was growing up.

I read recently that you should never talk about your husband/wife to outside sources. Oh well. This is my blog, and people read it to hear about my let's not pretend it is all perfect! I have given up questioning my involvement in his life now to the greater degree. I used to try to put myself in his shoes but honestly, I can't and I won't anymore. He has to just work it out himself at the moment. He will get there. At least I have to hope he does. I am SO not the weak spirited girl...And I think at the moment he is suffering for it.

But back to me and Miss M. We wrapped presents, we opened presents we shouldn't have (Meadow) we listened to Mr Buble (Christmas album natch) and we (me) drank mulled wine. We admired our new kitchen that is NEARLY finished! And we even stacked wood! Industrious!Wooo hooo!

Here is a bit of our day...... and please note I have cleverly covered up my sofa and footstool that has been scribbled on with black marker pen :)

Kitchen Catastrophe

Saturday, 22 December 2012

So blogging is falling behind.
Because we are only today for the first time in 5 weeks not living in total chaos.
And today we put up our little tree!
All pics are unfortunately instagram as my camera has run out of juice and of course, I have no idea where my charger is.........
I am so relieved to finally start making the Old Bake House a bit like Christmas! Bring it Santa!
Meadow finds Santa terrifying. We keep bumping in to them everywhere and because she is small and cute, they make a bee line for her. Cue, SCREAMING! So we have been explaining they are not real Santa they are Daddies dressed up :) She says "yes, not Santa but like Daddy dressed up as Santa?"

Anyway! Here is a little bit of our Saturday...I went to the LAUNDROMAT! Love it! Although as a friend commented "yeah if it was New York and had good coffee!" Good point :)

Meadow Musings

Monday, 17 December 2012

Latest gems from my 2 year old.
She is so grown up it's ridiculous.
At parties with other 2 yo's she just seems so different, in that she has full vocabulary and speaks in sentences like we do. Rich said "many are still driveling idiots' (yes, over to Rich for an appropriate summing up!!!!)
I suppose everyone thinks their child is special. In fact I HOPE everyone does.
Because they ARE!

Me arriving at nursery for pick up in my bonus-paid-for-these-and-that's-it-new-boots
"Mummy has new boots on!"

On asking for a chocolate Santa
"Just the one please mummy"

"i love you Mummy, and Bobbi and Auntie Cerys and David and Berti Bassett and Becky and Harry Mundy and Sophie and Spencer and Daddy"

"Can I have my dummy please Mummy?"
No Meadow, let's do some singing!
"No Mummy Meadow not singing. Meadow not speaking to Mummy"

On microwaving MY WORK PHONE
'Mummy it's ready!"


So it's Saturday

Saturday, 15 December 2012

And our house is still a building site!
We've moved back in and it is CHAOS.
So I'm spending a lot of time with Miss M out of the house. Yesterday I had a ridiculously busy day with a few important meetings to end my year, and nursery called. Meadow had a temperature and they wanted her picked up....with no family around, times like these are beyond awful. I had to drive back home through London traffic (why did everyone get in my way???) and take Meadow home to a house that is freezing cold, dirty and had drills going all afternoon.....

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
And Miss M was fine after about two hours and a nice dose of calpol.
Reminds me that I must do a Meadow's Musings post soon, as today when we were getting ready i told her to hurry and she said "give me two minutes Mummy"
And this morning I asked how she was and she said "yesterday Meadow a bit poorly, today Meadow OK"!!!! How CUTE is she? I want to write all this down before I forget. 

Today was spent bumming around the shops, treating Miss M to another new bunny, and myself to these (although mine are slightly different and nicer), and enjoying a delicious brunch in All Bar One which is just brilliant as is so kid friendly but with delicious food and candles!!!
Meadow loves the Christmas turkey in Ted Baker's window (?!? I think it's creepy) and asks to go see it the minute we arrive at the mall :) She cries when we leave (waaa waaa waaa)

What to do tomorrow.....


Tuesday Tidings

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday is such a nondescript day!
Not the beginning, not the middle and not the end!
Nothing happened today of note except my company saw fit to give me (as their top earner) £106 in bonus.....not happy...
So maybe won't be lording it up this Christmas with Bollinger and caviar blinis as per my plan :0
And still not back in our house!
Things can surely only get better? I have my Euromillions ticket for tonight - £50MILLION! Holy Hell.
Anyway, back to my pictures....
Lord Mog of Mogville
Meadow finding something very interesting in the field (a stinging nettle??)
Tiny pine cones!

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