Meadow Musings

Monday, 17 December 2012

Latest gems from my 2 year old.
She is so grown up it's ridiculous.
At parties with other 2 yo's she just seems so different, in that she has full vocabulary and speaks in sentences like we do. Rich said "many are still driveling idiots' (yes, over to Rich for an appropriate summing up!!!!)
I suppose everyone thinks their child is special. In fact I HOPE everyone does.
Because they ARE!

Me arriving at nursery for pick up in my bonus-paid-for-these-and-that's-it-new-boots
"Mummy has new boots on!"

On asking for a chocolate Santa
"Just the one please mummy"

"i love you Mummy, and Bobbi and Auntie Cerys and David and Berti Bassett and Becky and Harry Mundy and Sophie and Spencer and Daddy"

"Can I have my dummy please Mummy?"
No Meadow, let's do some singing!
"No Mummy Meadow not singing. Meadow not speaking to Mummy"

On microwaving MY WORK PHONE
'Mummy it's ready!"



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