Tuesday Tidings

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday is such a nondescript day!
Not the beginning, not the middle and not the end!
Nothing happened today of note except my company saw fit to give me (as their top earner) £106 in bonus.....not happy...
So maybe won't be lording it up this Christmas with Bollinger and caviar blinis as per my plan :0
And still not back in our house!
Things can surely only get better? I have my Euromillions ticket for tonight - £50MILLION! Holy Hell.
Anyway, back to my pictures....
Lord Mog of Mogville
Meadow finding something very interesting in the field (a stinging nettle??)
Tiny pine cones!


his little lady said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a perfect location, so dreamy!
xo TJ

Benlovesting said...

So cute!

Bakehouseblog said...

thank you thank you so much for checking in on my little blog :)

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