So it's Sunday

Sunday, 23 December 2012

We packed it in!! (and when i say 'we' I always mean me and Miss M)

Rich never really participates in anything we do, from activities out, to Starbucks or whatever. I feel bad that he misses out on so much, but I suppose that this is pretty common. I don't really remember my Dad being around much either when I was growing up.

I read recently that you should never talk about your husband/wife to outside sources. Oh well. This is my blog, and people read it to hear about my let's not pretend it is all perfect! I have given up questioning my involvement in his life now to the greater degree. I used to try to put myself in his shoes but honestly, I can't and I won't anymore. He has to just work it out himself at the moment. He will get there. At least I have to hope he does. I am SO not the weak spirited girl...And I think at the moment he is suffering for it.

But back to me and Miss M. We wrapped presents, we opened presents we shouldn't have (Meadow) we listened to Mr Buble (Christmas album natch) and we (me) drank mulled wine. We admired our new kitchen that is NEARLY finished! And we even stacked wood! Industrious!Wooo hooo!

Here is a bit of our day...... and please note I have cleverly covered up my sofa and footstool that has been scribbled on with black marker pen :)


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