Fun Filled Friday!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Such a lovely day today
Spent with family and had a delicious lunch at our local pub. I went for the ultimate comfort food...Sausage and Mash. Can't beat it :)

Meadow had fun tonight next door, as their house was full of kids and she had an absolute ball helping Marianna our fabulous neighbour (and trained ballet dancer)
with peeling the potatoes for their dinner. I must let her help me with little tasks, as she absolutely adores it. I remember how much I used to love doing the dishes with my Mum when i was a little girl. And wearing her shoes. And her handbags. Talking of which my beloved is back! YAY! Thank you Mulbers for fixing! Although I believe at £895 your clasps should not really come off!!!!!

STILL raining here..I fear we may wash away...and actually as most of our roads are closed due to them turning in to rivers, we actually might....and also it means I am not to keen to take my camera out and about, plus rainy pics are not my fave...

Talking of which Miss M did not want her picture taken tonight, she bolted off the sofa when my camera came out :) still who doesn't want to see a pic of her little tushy clambering over the sofa??
Bought her the cutest little red Barbour gilet (with Liberty lining!) If only they made adult sizes!!!!! And yes, I am strategizing over her dummy habit. She LOVES them. Now she only gets them at night or if she is having a major meltdown....over the next few weeks she will get them less and less! I am throwing them out one by one (helped hugely by the fact the puppy has bitten through 4 of them :) Wish me luck! Bye bye dummies!

Happy Friday everyone xo


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!!

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