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Monday, 10 December 2012

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks
We had to move out of our house as we are getting damp proofing and a new kitchen! woot wooooot!
So we have been renting houses
It's been fun
It's been expensive
I've never been so poor!
I managed to get a ferry with a puppy and a toddler and a car! And find a remote cottage in the dark, with barely any fuel (thanks Rich) by myself! Double woot woot (woot woot)
Also internet access has been impossible and Oh! How I've missed my little blog.
It is such an outlet for me and I love it.
But in a way it's been nice to not have to make time every day and to be honest, The Husband would not have been fairing well in my little posts as he has been a royal pain in the backside and sometimes I could have easily whacked him on his blond head with my Le Crueset. Hard. He is lucky I love him :)
Here are some of my picture updates (check out my cool Barbour in CAMO!!!)
Hope you are all good xo


Cj said...

Ok....6th down! My absolute new fav pic! Ha ha ha! LOVE.HER!
Awesome pics! More please! Xxx

Bakehouseblog said...

hahhaa! She was very busy making me tea! xx

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