We are getting there Wednesday

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Busy work day for me, and the electrician was here finally putting in spot lighting and doing a few bits n bobs. Stage 2 of The Old Bake House renovations is near completion! Hurrah!
Meadow is such a big character and remembers EVERYONES names. The electrician arrived at 8am as we were leaving for nursery, and she said "Hi Andy! Where are your car keys?" Yip. The key obsession continues. I tell you, if you ever meet us, hide your keys! Meadow has successfully hidden Auntie Soph's keys that were missing for 2 days, and broken 2 car keys by biting them and ruining their mechanism... (Btw BMW charge £75 for a new one)

Today was a good day. I spent it with one of my favourite Neurologists, who makes me laugh and we always have a good gossip. On walking in the door, Meadow said "MUMMY! My Beautiful Mummy Karen I Love You! I missed you today!"

She kills me! Sometimes literally. Hot Chocolate and marker pens on my expensive cream herringbone linen sofa - so not a good look :)

Catch Up

Sunday, 27 January 2013

So I have kinda failed miserably at documenting my purchases.
But I thought I'd do a quick run of the very latest..... a bargain Massimo Dutti leather bag and cashmere mix sweater and a Zara dress for work.
Chaotic here and dog has just grabbed Meadow's Mousie and Meadow has grabbed my memory card out of my Mac drive so I'm typing this and running! A few little snaps of The Old Bake House as it's such a special house and I feel lucky every day to wake up here! Always grateful!

letting sleeping Mogs lie

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

So I have been away a few days with work...which is exhausting and well, basically 2 days of my life I will never get back (you get the picture)
And all I want to do is sleep.
Like these 2 lucky babes.
Hope if you have freezing snow like us that you are keeping snug


Friday, 18 January 2013

So the snow arrived!
And I spent the day inside with Miss M.
We made muffins. We watched a lot on the iPad and TV......

We got cross at each other.

"MEADOW WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" when she sprayed her juice
 all over my footstool.... "Oh Mummy. I don't know, have you seen Barbie?" Distraction technique did not work...she got a time out..

We laughed A LOT....

Meadow:"Mummy what is this called?"
Me: "Ribena! It's yummy"
Meadow "Ribena? That's a good name"

 Me "I'm freezing cold! Are you?"
Meadow "Mummy. No. I am busy eating my snack"

Hope you are all staying super snug xo

Beagle Boy

Monday, 14 January 2013

Bobbi Mogford is the newest member of our clan, and he has fully integrated himself in to The OBH (Old Bake House)
Meadow likes to call him "Bobbi Darlin" and can often be found rolling on top of him, or pulling his ears.
He in return, can often be found eating one of her treasured bunnies, dummies or barbies.
He has a fondness for eating my knickers (Clean ones thank you very much) and so far has destroyed 2 Elle McPhersons and 3 Victorias Secret. Note to self. Move knicker drawer higher up.
He frequently comes back from a 30 minute walk, and then wees at the door and we all stand in it as you can't see it until.....your socks are wet.
He loves hugs and kisses.
He snores.
He eats my hair.
We love him.

So it's Saturday

Saturday, 12 January 2013

And although I fully consider myself an autumn/winter person, today I am craving summer! Also to be fair, Meadow has stolen my card reader so all my photos are stuck on my camera....so I had a look at my, errr 1276 photos (CLEAN OUT CLEAN OUT) and they really got me missing sun, warmth, light...cherry blossoms - GONE, lovely wheat field -MUD, Meadow in a summer t-shirt -WOOLLY KNITS, you get the picture. I have been chatting to Meadow all day about Palm Springs, and have fully committed to taking her when she is 3. She listened carefully to my travel plan in fairly major detail, but bargained for  a Hello Kitty keyring and purse before she could agree to go. Seems reasonable to me.
Palm Springs leads me to thinking about California in general and my amazeballs honeymoon. So much so I think I may need to do a 'honeymoon' post tomorrow (especially if my card reader remains missing in action) We had a fairly big adventure, including being stopped by Police for speeding through Carmel (CARMEL I LOVE YOU) and fully utilising my Scottish accent to get us out of a ticket (Oh how Americans love my accent!) to Rich riding around Palm Springs on a pink flowery bike....yes my friends, you can see it all.....coming soon ( and my hair was better, I had painted nails (IMAGINE) and no circles under my eyes, ah the life BFM*)

*BFM *before meadow (not a better life obviously, she has made everything worthwhile, just one with time for hair/nails/sleep)

Crazy about The Kooples

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It is impossible in our house, to bring in a bag, that is not raided by Meadow.
So you can see my rather limited chance to blog my sales bargains from The Kooples.....but suffice to say I am loving my new denim shirt :) Because I really needed another one.....

Finding happiness in buying continues despite my best efforts to get a grip of myself! I have an internal dialogue saying "no, save it and buy something really great. save it for a holiday!" vs "you deserve it! Get it! If you don't you will regret it!' and so it goes on...

My mum was exactly the same and I suspect I will pass this defective gene on to Meadow... She already has a 'Hello Kitty' obsession and will not leave the house without her 2 bracelets and 'pac pac'
She has also started to change her outfit twice a day...Holy Hell.

Meadow Musing Of The Day :
Me - "Meddie how are you feeling? Still itchy?"
Meadow "Oh Mummy. I'm ok. My girlie bits have chicken pox though. And my bum"

I admit I laughed. Add cruel to my list

Tag Heuer Carrera

Monday, 7 January 2013

So today was all about accessorizing my outfit to my watch....and I think I did a pretty good job?
Top from Whistles - you can't beat a bit of sparkle on a Monday
Talking of which, I have a feeling my sparkle will be fading by tomorrow as Miss M is very itchy and want so much to sleep but cannot get comfy. My poor baby! Chicken Pox SUCKS
And she has yet again woken up, so off I go! Sleep will be scant tonight I fear....
PS Is it just me or is anyone else LOVING Solange? I've been listening to it incessantly (Rich not a fan of my habit for single song obsession :)

So it's Saturday

Saturday, 5 January 2013

And we have....The Chicken Pox.
Oh yeah. I have just had 2 weeks leave from work for the holidays... and Meadow gets The Pox today! So it may be a little quiet around here for a week or so....as I try to keep sane. It basically means Rich will be doing childcare and puppycare by himself. His mood will be outrageous. I cannot wait. Thank God I had my day yesterday to myself lunching here with one of my beautiful bff's Miss CJ! Resisted the amazing treats at Sandro and Maje and bought, errr, chutney from Daylesford Organic. Oh My Days what has happened to me?
I am doing lots of reading, listening and noting positive inspirational postings by others online and in  books. Real proper books!  I'm going to stay positive no matter what! Alan Watts I Salute You! Listened to an audio of him discussing doing what you love. Why would you do otherwise? What would you do if money did not matter?
And you know what?
I do not know. Writer? Stylist? Full time blogger? Mother? Maybe all 4.

Get's you thinking though? Maybe you already have your dream. Share!

PS pics 1 - our gorgeous Bobbi dog. pic 2 from our beach trip. Follow your own path..fitting non?

Wonders of the week

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The holidays are going by so fast.
Please slow down.
I've not really thought much about resolutions, so am doing just that as I type.

Buy less, save more. For a big Mogford holiday somewhere hot. It has literally rained for months in England. I need me some sunshine.
Be nicer to Rich (stop shouting at him for being, well, him)
Listen to Meadow more with my 100% full attention. She chats away to me and often i am multi tasking (cooking/cleaning/emails/reading something etc etc)
Spend more on experiences not things. Cinema, galleries, holidays and spa treatments :)
Change up blog to wordpress and do it better!
Become best friends with Kate Winslet who has moved in up the road. (OK may be a challenge)

Any good resolutions?

While you are pondering, here are some pics of this week xo (salted nutella cookie recipe from Sacramento Street blog)

Happy New Year

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I hope 2013 is filled with fun, laughter, health and happiness for us all....


We went to the beach! It stopped raining! Meadow wore a hat she loves that is too small! My hair was a disaster! We were freezing! We had no gloves! It was AWESOME! The cobwebs of the past year were blown off and we appreciated the moment.

What an auspicious sign for the upcoming year.

Thanks for reading my little blog :) Come back soon xo

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