Beagle Boy

Monday, 14 January 2013

Bobbi Mogford is the newest member of our clan, and he has fully integrated himself in to The OBH (Old Bake House)
Meadow likes to call him "Bobbi Darlin" and can often be found rolling on top of him, or pulling his ears.
He in return, can often be found eating one of her treasured bunnies, dummies or barbies.
He has a fondness for eating my knickers (Clean ones thank you very much) and so far has destroyed 2 Elle McPhersons and 3 Victorias Secret. Note to self. Move knicker drawer higher up.
He frequently comes back from a 30 minute walk, and then wees at the door and we all stand in it as you can't see it until.....your socks are wet.
He loves hugs and kisses.
He snores.
He eats my hair.
We love him.


his little lady said...

So precious! And your blog is absolutely adorable! Obsessed with your home, so beautiful!
xo TJ

CerysJ said...

Totally adorbs! LOVE this post!

Anonymous said...

I agree with TJ.....your house is gorgeous!

Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks friends! It's a chaotic house that's for sure!

Jenniya said...

Oh how cute is your beagle. :0 Thaks for dropping by my blog.


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