So it's Saturday

Saturday, 12 January 2013

And although I fully consider myself an autumn/winter person, today I am craving summer! Also to be fair, Meadow has stolen my card reader so all my photos are stuck on my I had a look at my, errr 1276 photos (CLEAN OUT CLEAN OUT) and they really got me missing sun, warmth, light...cherry blossoms - GONE, lovely wheat field -MUD, Meadow in a summer t-shirt -WOOLLY KNITS, you get the picture. I have been chatting to Meadow all day about Palm Springs, and have fully committed to taking her when she is 3. She listened carefully to my travel plan in fairly major detail, but bargained for  a Hello Kitty keyring and purse before she could agree to go. Seems reasonable to me.
Palm Springs leads me to thinking about California in general and my amazeballs honeymoon. So much so I think I may need to do a 'honeymoon' post tomorrow (especially if my card reader remains missing in action) We had a fairly big adventure, including being stopped by Police for speeding through Carmel (CARMEL I LOVE YOU) and fully utilising my Scottish accent to get us out of a ticket (Oh how Americans love my accent!) to Rich riding around Palm Springs on a pink flowery bike....yes my friends, you can see it all.....coming soon ( and my hair was better, I had painted nails (IMAGINE) and no circles under my eyes, ah the life BFM*)

*BFM *before meadow (not a better life obviously, she has made everything worthwhile, just one with time for hair/nails/sleep)


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