Wonders of the week

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The holidays are going by so fast.
Please slow down.
I've not really thought much about resolutions, so am doing just that as I type.

Buy less, save more. For a big Mogford holiday somewhere hot. It has literally rained for months in England. I need me some sunshine.
Be nicer to Rich (stop shouting at him for being, well, him)
Listen to Meadow more with my 100% full attention. She chats away to me and often i am multi tasking (cooking/cleaning/emails/reading something etc etc)
Spend more on experiences not things. Cinema, galleries, holidays and spa treatments :)
Change up blog to wordpress and do it better!
Become best friends with Kate Winslet who has moved in up the road. (OK may be a challenge)

Any good resolutions?

While you are pondering, here are some pics of this week xo (salted nutella cookie recipe from Sacramento Street blog)


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