Sunshine and Camo

Friday, 31 May 2013

We HAD SUNSHINE! Proper hotness!
The camo shots were from yesterday when it was COLD! This country is so bizarre, you literally have to keep both your summer and autumn wardrobe. Which is just super when you have as little space as we do!
Miss M made me laugh when I was doing some work emails, she disappeared, and I looked outside, to discover she had popped up her BuzzyBee chair and was doing some serious reading. Tony Parsons, My Favourite Wife. Which links me nicely in to the fact I am so not my Husband's favourite at the mo.  I read somewhere about a couple who had been married for like 50 years. And she said the reason was simple. They never hated each other at the same time! I need to work on this. Let go of more and let him just be him, in his own little bubble.

Wedding to shoot tomorrow here which I am excited about! The bride is lovely and works for ASOS! Discount?? I will keep you posted :)
Happy weekend friends xoxo

PS My jacket is Topshop, my beautiful bag was an extremely kind gift from my ex-husband from Mulberry and my nooooo shoes are also Topshop! Love em! Comfy!

Did I tell you

Thursday, 30 May 2013

just how much I love that sweet face yo!
so much character, no?
a few other things I am loving at the mo (although not on  Meadow scale obviously)

This amazing overnight bag
Eva Chen and her instagram and tumblr. She is just ridiculously stylish and gracious.
This blog, is all at once gorgeous and inspiring, and also makes me feel such an underachiever! Where is my brand?? Where? Damn it I wish I had thought up Sandro or Maje then I too could be featured, and my little Miss Mog!

Oh well. I'm off to go eat some more salted caramel chocolate and rethink my life :)

Happy Thursday xoxo

Tiger Tot and Tasty Tuesday

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 was our Village Fete on Monday and the SUN was SHINING! That, my friends, is unprecedented in this cold old country! Meadow had a ball, except for the meltdown over having to take her shoes off for the bouncy castle, and loved her second facepainting of the weekend. Grrrrrrr.
Loving my nooooo scarf it's such a pop of colour for me and I practically want towear it 24/7. (And no not sponsored by Whistles I swear)

Our beach holiday is beckoning, and as my gym time has been few and far between, I am eating super clean (ok except for the chicken mcnuggets and odd chocolate button) and LOVING this smoothie. It's so simple. Chopped fresh pineapple (locally Sainsbury's are doing pineapples for £1 - steal) and whizzing it up with Almond milk, fresh almonds and a spoonful of organic Maca. Very cleansing and energizing. Beach bikini bod. I'm coming for ya :) And it tastes all the better in my new Starbucks tumbler! How frikkin' cool is that puppy?

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend. xoxo

Silent Sunday (with a little bit of Saturday too)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

With a link you MUST watch as it made me lol all weekend (I watched them all like 5 times - celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves )

Friday Fun

Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday nights.
Used to be for drinking an icy cold Sauvignon Blanc with my love, in some swanky South West London bar
This Friday night, was spent arguing the point with Meadow that yoghurt is not a dinner. Nor is a bag of chocolate mini cookies.
Then she spazzed out about putting her pajamas on, (i DONT WANT TO PUT MY JAMAS ON I DONT WANT TO I WANT TO WEAR MY TIGHTS) which escalated in to a kicking, crying frenzy (her not me) and resulted in my pulling her across the wooden floor by her legs and away from anything hard that she could kick, and squeezing her tiny limbs in to pj's. Not my finer moment. She was asleep within 5 minutes :)

Now where is that wine??

Happy Friday xo

Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

So it's Tuesday. My least favourite day of the week (if I was made to pick one) and I don't even have an explanation as to why. Although today was pretty good in the grand scheme of things (my starbucks coffee this morning actually tasted like coffee! result) and I struck gold with a new sunhat from Primark and the most amazing invention ever the handbag organiser!!! OMG this has revolutionised my life. No more worry that a pen will leak all over my Alexa (the horror and it HAS happened to me) No more rooting around for my lipgloss. I tell ya. Me being me though, I am guessing it may be short lived, and I will no doubt ditch it and it's blessed organisation. What can i say? I am fickle.

Another discovery of the day...I would suck at being a hand model. I have been obsessing over a thumb ring since I saw a very cool lady at The Cowshed wearing one (I kept sneaky staring at her! She was SO COOL>I was totally thinking Raaarrr.  I want her coat, jeans, hair and jewels :) Please tell me you do that too? So anyways, I had to copycat her and get me a thumb ring pronto. So where else to go? The London institution that is Liberty. And I scored. As you can see :) Apologies for the weird hand shots tho! I told you I sucked! My hands look ugly and i tried and tried and.....well. You can see for yourself.

Off to The Homeland tomorrow for a meeting...another day another hotel. Still I'm not gin and all that :)

Happy Tuesday peeps and see you on Instagram
Ps You linked out? :) I went for it today!

Silent Sunday

Sunday, 19 May 2013

PS Outfit; Whistles chambray shirt Vintage necklace
Barbour Jacket. Massimo Dutti top.
PPS Dummies are out for Meadow during the day. But she crawled under the bed and appeared with 4. Damn it.
PPPS Not loving the pose in the Barbour. What am I doing?? Still it's a cute jacket, i'm just not doing it justice. Sorry barbour. My bad! xoxo

So it's Saturday

Saturday, 18 May 2013

SO we kept it pretty chill today
I wore my new bling, but still searching for the perfect black t-shirt
We played in the garden. Meadow was doing a fine impression of Elton John in a pair of his hand me down sunnies. I took some snaps for Meadow's "photoblog" as she really wanted one. "Daddy, Daddy come check out my photoblog" she said to Rich earlier! We laughed for ages :)
Another thing to add to my list!
Can you see the one and only bluebell in our garden?? I was in a rush so it's not the greatest capture :)

Spent an hour or two looking through blogs. I always look at some successful blogs and think, argghhh mine is better! My photography is sharper! My kid is cuter! (But I'm happy for them that they have done well, natch) But when I was looking at Cupcakes and Cashmere, I read some of the comments, and God! She has haters! People are SO RUDE and post things like 'you look fat in those pants". It must, no matter how successful you are and how confident you are as a person, be hard to read stuff like that. Or hey, maybe she doesn't. And maybe she is at peace with 'you can't please all of the people, all of the time"
It is such a double edged sword, blogging. My experience has been so positive, and the reader who leave me comments are sweet and thoughtful. I'm not sure I could deal with maybe it's a good thing I have a perfect little niche of niceness here. If it ever changes. I reckon I'd come out fighting :)

Anyway! Useless Saturday ramblings. Hope you are all having a good one with happy positive people surrounding you! xoxo

Outfit: Jacket:Topshop, T-shirt: COS, Necklace:H&M, Ring:Vintage, Bag:Mulberry Alexa

Friday! TGIF!

Friday, 17 May 2013

I know you should never wish your life away, but God I am so Thankful It's Friday!
A few shots from today.
A new necklace! Some jewel love going on here. I can't wait to get a snap of it with a plain black t-shirt. Which believe it or not. I do not own. Yet. The only one I have seen that I like so far was £65 from Splendid. Hmmm.
Our anniversary cards to each other!
I'm loving my red at the mo, and teamed my little jacket with a favourite dress for work. Excuse the pasty little legs, I did have on tights, but like I did as a schoolgirl, the minute I come in the door, it's all about kicking off those boots and tights! So I decided to post my legs as a reminder to buy me some St Tropez ASAP :)
Miss M comes charging in from nursery! Hello Mummy Hello! Give me a HUGGIE.
How I love my girl so! Even if she does get snot and food smears all over my dresses!

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend!
PS For those of you who asked...this is the link to my London print..... and I got mine from the Etsy shop...still need to buy New York!

me outfit..jacket Topshop (old) dress Whistles (still not sponsored me hurumphh)

It's all in the detail

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A little bit of the day.
Details details details.
Pop of red in a grey mix.
Vintage bowling balls.
London poster. We have Paris but we are missing New York!
I'm feeling unenthusiastic at the moment. I'm not finishing things that i need to do. Birthday presents waiting to be sent. Inbox emails waiting to be responded to. Phone calls to make. I just cannot seem to get things done this week. I'm walking through mud. I have a million thoughts in my head but cannot seem to make decisions! Big, small they are all evading me. Work on the house, do we commit do we wait and see how are finances are? Aye aye aye!
So I'm calling it a day and escaping to bed with a nightmarishly awake toddler and my kindle and praying to the sweet sweet kind baby gods that they will be good to me tonight :)

Hope you all are being more constructive this week than me!

PS Outfit Top Cos Shirt Zara Belt and scarf Whistles

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