Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

So it's Tuesday. My least favourite day of the week (if I was made to pick one) and I don't even have an explanation as to why. Although today was pretty good in the grand scheme of things (my starbucks coffee this morning actually tasted like coffee! result) and I struck gold with a new sunhat from Primark and the most amazing invention ever the handbag organiser!!! OMG this has revolutionised my life. No more worry that a pen will leak all over my Alexa (the horror and it HAS happened to me) No more rooting around for my lipgloss. I tell ya. Me being me though, I am guessing it may be short lived, and I will no doubt ditch it and it's blessed organisation. What can i say? I am fickle.

Another discovery of the day...I would suck at being a hand model. I have been obsessing over a thumb ring since I saw a very cool lady at The Cowshed wearing one (I kept sneaky staring at her! She was SO COOL>I was totally thinking Raaarrr.  I want her coat, jeans, hair and jewels :) Please tell me you do that too? So anyways, I had to copycat her and get me a thumb ring pronto. So where else to go? The London institution that is Liberty. And I scored. As you can see :) Apologies for the weird hand shots tho! I told you I sucked! My hands look ugly and i tried and tried and.....well. You can see for yourself.

Off to The Homeland tomorrow for a meeting...another day another hotel. Still I'm not complaining....free gin and all that :)

Happy Tuesday peeps and see you on Instagram
Ps You linked out? :) I went for it today!


Cj said...

I aaaaalways see cool people at the cowshed. Last time it was a lady in her sixties wearing a pair of python Celine trainers! Yip! Took a sneaky pic too!

Thumb ring tres cool!

Alanna said...

Ok, Tuesday is MY least favourite day too!! Here's why:

Monday is a fresh start, everything is new
Wednesday is halfway there
Thursday is "tomorrow's Friday!!"
Friday to Sunday are great for obvious reasons

Tuesday's got nothing. Not one. single. endearing. quality.


Karen Reid-Mogford said...

It's so true. Tuesday is the least endearing dow!
Just is!

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