Monday Musings

Monday, 13 May 2013

Just looking through my millions of photos and the ones of Meadow as a 5-6 month old always make me smile so. The chubby cheeks. The blonde curls forming. The cheeky lopsided smile.
And the second picture does too. She has such joie de vivre. My biggest hope for her is that she always does, and this sweet soul carries on through her life with her amazing energy and vibrance and continues to make people smile. It is such a gift. And if I achieve nothing else in my life I will always feel so blessed to have been a part of it all. And that's what I focus on, when life gets to feeling oh so mundane and I feel the contraints of my life and that I have not achieved as much as I could/should. Focusing on the friends I have, who offer to bring around cold medication 'cause they know I am sick, and call me with the first question being 'how are you?'

Thank you! Thank you!


Hannapat said...

A very lovely post with heartfelt words. Kids bring so much joy to us and its wonderful to see that you treasure these moments. Hope you are feeling better now? xo

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