So it's Saturday

Saturday, 18 May 2013

SO we kept it pretty chill today
I wore my new bling, but still searching for the perfect black t-shirt
We played in the garden. Meadow was doing a fine impression of Elton John in a pair of his hand me down sunnies. I took some snaps for Meadow's "photoblog" as she really wanted one. "Daddy, Daddy come check out my photoblog" she said to Rich earlier! We laughed for ages :)
Another thing to add to my list!
Can you see the one and only bluebell in our garden?? I was in a rush so it's not the greatest capture :)

Spent an hour or two looking through blogs. I always look at some successful blogs and think, argghhh mine is better! My photography is sharper! My kid is cuter! (But I'm happy for them that they have done well, natch) But when I was looking at Cupcakes and Cashmere, I read some of the comments, and God! She has haters! People are SO RUDE and post things like 'you look fat in those pants". It must, no matter how successful you are and how confident you are as a person, be hard to read stuff like that. Or hey, maybe she doesn't. And maybe she is at peace with 'you can't please all of the people, all of the time"
It is such a double edged sword, blogging. My experience has been so positive, and the reader who leave me comments are sweet and thoughtful. I'm not sure I could deal with maybe it's a good thing I have a perfect little niche of niceness here. If it ever changes. I reckon I'd come out fighting :)

Anyway! Useless Saturday ramblings. Hope you are all having a good one with happy positive people surrounding you! xoxo

Outfit: Jacket:Topshop, T-shirt: COS, Necklace:H&M, Ring:Vintage, Bag:Mulberry Alexa


Hannapat said...

Feel a bit sick to my gut about what I just read about negative comments on blogs. In my experience I have never seen that, maybe I don't look at the right blogs for this. All the blogs I read have such a wonderful audience. I would really hate for that to happen to mine, yikes!!! Anyway, lovely bling and cute pics. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. P.s. I think a photoblog is a great idea xo

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

I know right? Maybe it's good to be under the main radar. I know your readers are lovely too...blessed! Xx

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