Friday thankfulness

Friday, 27 September 2013

Happy Friday everyone!
I  am welcoming a quiet (ish) weekend with exciting early morning plans with a fab friend and then dropping off a few belated birthday gifts for Meadow's friends!

This photo is from my wedding day, and that's me with my little godson Korrin who will be 4 this November.

How time flies?
I'm learning to let things go (trying!) and just have more fun and less worry in my life.

This photo reminds me of this, and makes me smile.

Have a great weekend and send me your Paris recommendations!

Autumn already

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

 Can you spot Meadow in Grandad's garden?^^^^^
I can feel it, it might be 22 degrees today but Autumn is coming. It's cooler in the mornings and misty. I love Autumn. I love boots and scarves and being cozy. I'm wearing my leather jacket ^^ at every opportunity before it gets too cold.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

My list is.

Wearing this jumper with this and these (I have everything except the boots. Sigh)

I am going to Paris and staying here

Definitely taking time to browse Merci, the last time I visited, me and Tasha jumped up and down on the spot in excitement (yes, we do spend waaay to much time around 3 year olds)

Going to visit here for the zillionth time as I need some artistic culture. Pinterest is the closest I am getting to that at the moment (and Naomi's blog)

Working on being a more tolerant with Rich and definitely with Meadow. I find myself constantly shouting at someone about something.

Asking myself, when I am stressed "do I need to worry about this? Will I care in 5 years about this?"

Enjoying more, buying less (HARD HARD HARD)

Getting my god damn sofa steam cleaned. Buying a white linen herringbone expensive sofa, not my finest move. (although a baby at that point, was not on my mind.)

Being kind. Paying attention. I never want to waste a minute and multi task too much. Today in the queue for my lunch, I took the time to speak to the person serving me, and ask him about his day. Not text/email on my blackberry. He gave me my coffee on the house. It is the small things.

What is on your list?


Thankful Thursday

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I. The most beautiful roses. Ever. The colour makes me happy.

II. Meadow looking exhausted. Denying it. NO I am not tired. I DO NOT want to go to my bed. No Mother. No (NB Mother is her new word. It makes me feel ancient. Thanks for that Meadow.)
Her latest hilarious expressions are "It's good, huh?" and "WHAT YOU SAY?" whilst holding her ear!! Hahah!

III. Hello baby. My newest Mulberry! It's vintage from eBay and had me literally jumping for joy when it arrived. It is so precious! (NB Thanks to my amazing fashion designer friend Hazel, who spied it and tipped me off xo)

IV. My newest Whistles dress layered with an old French Connection top. Looks amazing on, and will show you tomorrow :)
You know how much I adore Whistles, and I adore blogs but I got uncharacteristically, and inexplicably cross at LFW and how many bloggers they gave free outfits to. I work so damn hard to buy all my Whistles clothes, and I admit it. I begrudge so many of them getting decked out for free! I do! It makes me a jealous idiot but I don't care. It's how I feel. Obviously if I was one of them I would be singing a different tune. But there you have it. Honest jealous ranting. Over and out.

Now I'm off to stuff work emails and sit down to Season 5 of Californication. Only the BEST show ever made.

Hope you are all having a great week and Courtney, if you are reading this, your legs are ridiculous and I'm proper jealous of them. Carla, I still can't decide what to buy on Net-a-Porter, Kim please can I come live with you in California for the winter, Naomi still so excited to see a candid of your man and maybe even your builder and Hannapat, you and your amazing crafting, kills me. Yes, my blog readership is so small (only the most amazing people ever, it's a small niche) I can mention most by name! And I LOVE it!


The Big 3

Friday, 13 September 2013

So Meadow is 3!
And following on from a picnic at her nursery with a gazzillion other 3 year olds, here are 3 things I have learned about being 3.

I. Wanting.
I want it. I want it. But I want it. MUMMY. I need it. I really really really need it. I want it. Please.
This can apply to anything. A packet of crisps right on up to an all singing all dancing toddler kitchen.

II. Why?
Where are we going? When? Are we there? Who is coming? What? Have you been? Who will be there? Is Daddy home? Why not? Where is he?
Questioning skills are rampant. I feel under interrogation daily.

III. Weeing
I don't need a wee. No. I said I DON'T NEED A WEE!
Mummy. Yes Meadow. I really really need a wee. (see picture above!!!)

I'm sorry I have been absent but I have been (sigh) really really busy!
Promise I will be back to my blogging schedule now though AND a new bag to blog! (shhhhh don't tell Rich) Yay!


Happy Birthday Meadow

Sunday, 8 September 2013

I may have tried to squeeze in a bit much lately...
But Meadow's party was a success despite the rain (bloody English weather) meaning we had an impromptu change of venue to our village Scout Hut!! Being the control freak I am, it was difficult for me as we had zero time to make it look pretty. But the kids sure didn't care.

I'm on the road again! So you know I hate instagram pics on my precious little blog, but needs must. Here is my princess opening her goodies at 6am (bedhead or what??)
"mummy are ALL these presents for me?" Yes Meadow. "Oh My Goodness this is the most marvellous birthday ever mummy!"
My sweet girl!

And maybe I won't tell you about her comment when I told her off for unribboning (de-ribboning?) my balloons. 
Meadow LEAVE the balloons please.
"Oh mummy you and those F-ing balloons!!"

Love you Meadow xxx

Wednesday workup

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

You guessed it - I am off on my travels again. This time, back to The Motherland (Scotland) for a business trip. The next few weeks are so busy, I am stocking up on my favourite chocolate and would smoke if I smoked. I do like a vintage tin though....

Packing my essentials, stripes and sparkles from AllSaints (loving them so much at the moment), and travel goodies from Aesop. Everything in their range smells divine. Have you tried it? I love the stores, they are industrial chic, and have big cattle troughs to wash your hands in so you can try everything. I love try before buy!

Sorry for the short and sweet post, be back on Saturday and it's Meadow's birthday party on Sunday (eeek) A gazillion 3 year olds running riot on a sugar high....

Meadow Monday Musings

Monday, 2 September 2013

It's been a while. So first up. Hello and welcome to my new readers! I appreciate it more than you know, that anyone takes the time to read my tiny part of the blogging stratosphere! So hello. Please stay and comment and tell me what you think :)

So it's been ages since I did a Meadow Musings. She is hands down the funniest person I know. I forget all the time the hilarious things she comes out with, hence I need to do more Musings...

" Lellow. blue. pink. Lellow. Yes Lellow" On being asked her favourite colour.
"No. No they don't have names silly. They are chickens! Mummy!" On being asked if the chickens at nursery have names (they do!)
"Pass me the blue lego bitch"
"ARGHH!ARGGHH, Mummy IT'S A PIRATE" in Costa Coffee where we were sat next to a man with a beard and a hat on.
"smell my feet. EUGH. smell them Mummy. They STINK"
"get out of the way stupid" to Rich who was standing in front of the TV.
"stop talking. Grrrrrr. I said. STOP TALKING. I can't think straight"

We love you Meadow. Even although you wear socks all the time (with sandals in 25 degree weather) which goes against my fashion rules, even although you eat all our chocolate, throw my Prada bag in to the pond, stand on our ribs, whilst simultaneously poking us in the eye and are generally the biggest pain in the ass, we love you more every day!

Happy Monday everyone xoxo

PS To the person who asked about our butterfly installation, Rich made it! From fabric butterflies, which I think he got on eBay....:)

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