Autumn already

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

 Can you spot Meadow in Grandad's garden?^^^^^
I can feel it, it might be 22 degrees today but Autumn is coming. It's cooler in the mornings and misty. I love Autumn. I love boots and scarves and being cozy. I'm wearing my leather jacket ^^ at every opportunity before it gets too cold.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

My list is.

Wearing this jumper with this and these (I have everything except the boots. Sigh)

I am going to Paris and staying here

Definitely taking time to browse Merci, the last time I visited, me and Tasha jumped up and down on the spot in excitement (yes, we do spend waaay to much time around 3 year olds)

Going to visit here for the zillionth time as I need some artistic culture. Pinterest is the closest I am getting to that at the moment (and Naomi's blog)

Working on being a more tolerant with Rich and definitely with Meadow. I find myself constantly shouting at someone about something.

Asking myself, when I am stressed "do I need to worry about this? Will I care in 5 years about this?"

Enjoying more, buying less (HARD HARD HARD)

Getting my god damn sofa steam cleaned. Buying a white linen herringbone expensive sofa, not my finest move. (although a baby at that point, was not on my mind.)

Being kind. Paying attention. I never want to waste a minute and multi task too much. Today in the queue for my lunch, I took the time to speak to the person serving me, and ask him about his day. Not text/email on my blackberry. He gave me my coffee on the house. It is the small things.

What is on your list?



Katie Waddell said...

Wonderful list! On top of my list in getting our bathroom done, of course. ;) I love going for walks after dinner on crisp autumn evenings...bonus points if there are piles of leaves for my boys to jump in!

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Even I get daunted at the Louvre but then it gets to the point where I try and absorb thru osmosis! That hotel looks so cool, we expect a full report...

courtney said...

Love your list - that hotel, I agree with coulda shoulda woulda - full report please!!!

My fall list would include:

new AG denim - already purchased, surprise surprise
burn as many fall candles as possible
photographs in a pumpkin patch
cpzy soups and chilly by the fires while watching football

courtney said...

P.S. Does your blog have a FB page or is it just your personal page? I'd love to follow your blog, if that's an option! :)

Hannapat said...

A lovely post my dearest. Sorry I haven't been here much of late, I blame bloglovin!!! I think it is so hard to be mindful and actually try and do less of the multi tasking, but it is worth it so keep trying. I too love autumn and even though its been hot I have been wearing my boots, far too many pairs of the things and thank goodness it is cold for so many months, otherwise I couldn't justify it! Love the fact that your off to Paris, so love that city and yes there will be no shortage of culture for you there my dear. My favourite thing about autumn is wearing hats and scarfs, but hats especially. Wishing you a happy week xoxo

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Great lists girls!
Autumn is the bestest!
Courtney I do have a FB page, will detail it in my next post.
Hannapat yes bloglovin is a pain to comment with. Thank you everyone for taking the time to do it though, I love reading your comments xx

A Little Slice Of said...

That hotel looks ace! It's going to be Summer here so my list includes:

- A holiday down the coast
- BBQs
- Making myself run on the lighter, warmer nights (daylight savings is just around the corner)
- A new bikini
- Stress less. I too have been worrying about anything and everything. I think I need that holiday down the coast ASAP.

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Karen, So sorry I am late catching up on all your wonderful posts! I love your bag and sweater! So classic yet a bit of edge. You will use them tons!

I am with you about slowing down and appreciating life more! I's like to spend more time book reading! Also hope to just enjoy Autumn. It's so gorgeous.

I can't wait to hear about Paris. You are so lucky to be close by it. That hotel and Merci look fun!!


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