Bon Anniversaire

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

 Today is our wedding anniversary! So much has happened to us since that beautiful day in Chelsea.
But I want to talk about the day I met my husband.
It was at a company black tie event. I SO didn't want to go. It was near Manchester and meant a long drive for me and I hate formal dinners and dancing and the whole hooha. But I went.
And it was actually fun. As they things usually are. My best friend Tash, as we were sipping champagne, asked ooh have you see the photographer here? He is gorgeous. Nope. No. Not seen him. Then one of the singing waiters (google them) started chatting to me, and I forgot all about looking out for a cute photographer.
Until he came up to me, And asked me what we were talking about
And he was cute
And so it began
And we met for drinks a few weeks later. I texted him "hello! would you have time to meet me for a quick drink? YES YES YES he responded.
I always say to him. I loved you the moment I met you.
And I mean it.
He captured my heart with his handsome face, his vulnerability and a need to be oh so loved and I immediately wanted to be around him always and love him forever
And I still do
Happy Anniversary my love
Ps I am not fat I was 5 month pregnant :) We had already planned our wedding so just went with it :) So Meadow was right there with us!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Your dress was absolutely beautiful!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Thank you Lisa!
It was from Reiss and was all beautifully beaded and heavy which disguised my 5 month pregnant tummy :)

Natalie said...

So so sweet! Happy anniversary!

Hannapat said...

Happy anniversary. What a beautiful post. You looked absolutely gorgeous!!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

Thank you Natalie and hannapat! Xxxx

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