In Prison

Thursday, 9 May 2013

I truly am!
This week has been a doozy.
Meadow has been poorly again, not letting me out of her sight for five minutes(remember how much you needed mama when you were ill? I sure do!) and now I have her virus but am in Oxford staying at Malmaison for work, and it was a Victorian prison now hotel! Weird vibes here I tell ya!
Anyway back on blogging form this weekend I promise.
Have a good Friday!


Jessie Abell said...

creepy!! any strange sounds at night? :)

Hannapat said...

Ooh that sounds like a very yucky week. Sorry you've all been poorly, hope mr lurgy leaves you soon. I've stayed in a prison once (back in the day:-)) which was converted into a bed and breakfast it was very very weird indeed. Hope your weekend brings you a happier zone xoxo

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