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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It is impossible in our house, to bring in a bag, that is not raided by Meadow.
So you can see my rather limited chance to blog my sales bargains from The Kooples.....but suffice to say I am loving my new denim shirt :) Because I really needed another one.....

Finding happiness in buying continues despite my best efforts to get a grip of myself! I have an internal dialogue saying "no, save it and buy something really great. save it for a holiday!" vs "you deserve it! Get it! If you don't you will regret it!' and so it goes on...

My mum was exactly the same and I suspect I will pass this defective gene on to Meadow... She already has a 'Hello Kitty' obsession and will not leave the house without her 2 bracelets and 'pac pac'
She has also started to change her outfit twice a day...Holy Hell.

Meadow Musing Of The Day :
Me - "Meddie how are you feeling? Still itchy?"
Meadow "Oh Mummy. I'm ok. My girlie bits have chicken pox though. And my bum"

I admit I laughed. Add cruel to my list


Anonymous said...

Yes lovely denim shirt.... course you deserve it! I too bought a denim shirt in the Zara sale! There was hardly any money off but the SALE mentality always gets me .... must have it, it's in the sale after all Bx

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