Friday, 18 January 2013

So the snow arrived!
And I spent the day inside with Miss M.
We made muffins. We watched a lot on the iPad and TV......

We got cross at each other.

"MEADOW WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" when she sprayed her juice
 all over my footstool.... "Oh Mummy. I don't know, have you seen Barbie?" Distraction technique did not work...she got a time out..

We laughed A LOT....

Meadow:"Mummy what is this called?"
Me: "Ribena! It's yummy"
Meadow "Ribena? That's a good name"

 Me "I'm freezing cold! Are you?"
Meadow "Mummy. No. I am busy eating my snack"

Hope you are all staying super snug xo


Chely said...

oh my goodness, your pictures are stunning! I hope you girls had a wonderful day together :)

Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks Chely! x

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