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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Busy work day for me, and the electrician was here finally putting in spot lighting and doing a few bits n bobs. Stage 2 of The Old Bake House renovations is near completion! Hurrah!
Meadow is such a big character and remembers EVERYONES names. The electrician arrived at 8am as we were leaving for nursery, and she said "Hi Andy! Where are your car keys?" Yip. The key obsession continues. I tell you, if you ever meet us, hide your keys! Meadow has successfully hidden Auntie Soph's keys that were missing for 2 days, and broken 2 car keys by biting them and ruining their mechanism... (Btw BMW charge £75 for a new one)

Today was a good day. I spent it with one of my favourite Neurologists, who makes me laugh and we always have a good gossip. On walking in the door, Meadow said "MUMMY! My Beautiful Mummy Karen I Love You! I missed you today!"

She kills me! Sometimes literally. Hot Chocolate and marker pens on my expensive cream herringbone linen sofa - so not a good look :)


katilda said...

Hide yo' keys, hide yo' wife...

I Lelli said...

Happy to read you had a great day .....happy to read wonderful words of your Little Mss

Have a great we

Lelli Family

Jenny said...

Haha it's cute that she goes for keys! Although probably not so cute when they need replacing. ;) xo


Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks girls! Jenny I couldn't find the ikat cardigan! Boooo xxx

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