Small Sunday

Sunday, 3 February 2013

So it's a little view of our Sunday. Naps (not me of course) Crying. Playing. Lots of playing! Meadow is really imaginative and has been making up stories, and hosting tea parties in her teepee!

But today I have generally had a feeling that my life is good, and sometimes it's great, but it is a small life, and seems just oh so repetitive sometimes...always?

Maybe it's just having a small child, and yes,  I read too many blogs where the women don't work, but still seem to enjoy 'dates' with their husbands that look and sound SO romantic and their men seem SO nice and thoughtful and loving....(Yes you Rockstar Diaries :) I sure have not hit the jackpot on that one...although maybe someone who is more closed off and practical in the way that they show they care, than demonstratively loving and emotionally supportive is just as important in its own special way. My husband would never dream of hiring a babysitter and organising a special evening. But he would paint the bedroom wall (that I have been whinging about) when I am out and he would tidy up the house before I came in from work ....all little ways to show he cares.
What do you think?


I Lelli said...

So lovely Sunday..... So lovely pics!!!

Have a great week!

Lelli Family

Amy said...

Totally with you there. All partners show their love in different ways, although sometimes I'm sure some are staged for 'show' on blogs (and yes, agreeing with your reference!) Love the pics as usual x

Cj said...

Fourth down. Love it! Such a moment captured on both of their yummy faces. X Ps. Ties and fries few and far between me thinks. Love whatcha got baby. X

Bakehouseblog said...

Thanks lovely ladies..
My life more chips and beans than ties and fries;)

Cj said...

Ha ha ha! That made LAUGH! @chipsandbeans!!!

RhianJ said...

Omg Karen! Your skin is amazing! Please do a beauty post I need to know EXACTLY what you use! :) x

Bakehouseblog said...

Ooh a beauty post? Ok Miss J! I got the most amaze cream the other week...I shall post tomorrow xxxx

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