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Thursday, 7 February 2013

So I am all about listening to my readers!
You ask for beauty? I give you beauty! My beauty shots, however, were somewhat hindered by a tiny person "helping" (See tiny foot shot above)
But I digress.
First up!
My exfoliator. Decleor Aroma Cleanse (get similar on Amazon)
My moisturiser by Green People (LOVE)
My go-to for being a tired Mama, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (and yes it has puncture holes in the £29 bottle as The Beagle got his sharp little baby teeth all over it and so leaks)
My most favourite new product Bright Here Bright Now instant radiance energy balm. I slap it all over and look 22 (!). Seriously love this stuff.
My self tan is the gorgeous Xen-Tan which is worth every penny as it smells like vanilla.

Next up is my daily make-up fave's.
I adore anything Nars you seriously cannot go wrong with this line.
Chanel brushes and bronzer.
Now. Mascara. I am such a mascara whore. But I seriously cannot find one to beat YSL Shocking. Thick lashes, tick, no clumping, tick, glossy black, get the picture. I did read a blog recently proclaiming Loreal Million Lashes to be da bomb. It's not.

Well I think I have kinda covered the basics! Any amazeballs mascara finds, girls, let me know!!

I am off to bed as it has been a long day, that started with me ripping my ankle to shreds on my morning run (bramble tangle. bramble won) The Beagle ripping my tights, Meadow wiping her yoghurt covered hands on my dress, and a bill for £1800 from the electrician.....

Come on the weekend xo


Cj said...

YAY! Loved this post!
Getting it! All of it! xx

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