Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hold up!
Tuesday! But posting Saturday's events? It is the way forward. Re live the weekend!
This Saturday was quite monumental because...The Daddy accompanied us on our Saturday jaunt to Chichester! Woop de woop! And he was ill (yep he is looking a tad under the weather in the pic now I see it) and still he made it round the shops, and did not complain even when I stood for ten minutes straight debating if I should get this (I didn't)

I straight up did a happy dance in Chichester town centre when I saw "Bills" has set up shop! I LOVE BILLS! Bill does the best ever brunch! Eggs Benedict? Waffles? Pancakes? Get in my tummy.

Stood outside my fave antique store....and no didn't go in as a) I felt stupid having stood outside for 20 minutes instructing Rich how to take my photo. Not up! Shoot DOWN dude! No double chin!!) and b) I am broke broke broke!

No moaning today my sweet readers, no moaning. And believe me I could but today am taking the high road, looking after my husband who has Novo virus, and off to tell my sweet child, yes it IS bed time, and of course I will read Mr Men The Christmas Special again! Duh!



Cj said...

Brilliant! Yay that Daddy did Chichester, yay for Bill's & double yay for Mr Men Christmas special!
Love yo' outfit!

Bakehouseblog said...

Yay to the weekend! Yay to Christmas still going in February! Xxx

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