What they don't tell you

Thursday, 14 February 2013

OK so it's Valentine's Day! Woot woot.
But if you want V Day pics then go to my instagram - karenrmogford
If you want polka dots and whinging about child rearing.
Stay here.
Still obsessing over dots and bought a new sweater which goes mightily fine with all of my polka tights :)
Anyway. What they don't tell you.
Raising a child is the hardest goddamn thing ever.
Which you so wouldn't pick up from most of The Mummy Blogs.They visit the cutest coffee shops all day eating cupcakes, discussing fashion, and taking pictures of themselves (seriously who would do that:)Well.  A child is a blessing and the most wonderful thing that can happen to you and don't get me wrong. I know it.
But here is a short list (which may turn in to a long list) of the Not So Great Things You Don't Hear About On The Mummy Blogs.

1. Toddlers. They like to climb. And not just on sofas/tables/kitchen work surfaces/stairs. On No. They like to climb, best of all, on YOU. Elbow in the eye. Tiny finger in your eyelid/ear/nose with razor sharp nails no matter how often you cut the damn things. Pull your hair. Whack your nose. Pinch your arms. And the worst - PULL at your clothes. Ughh.
2. They want what you have. Every time. Share that cake Mama, share that cake.
3. They demand your attention in a super NOW NOW NOW way the minute you answer the phone/door/go for a wee
4. They grab the single most dangerous item on the table they can. Chopping carrots and need to get some more from the fridge? BAM. Knife gonzo.
5. They always always catch on that one opportunity when you leave your brand new Nars lipstick out. Hello red!
6. They lie on the floor and scream for another chocolate button. Seriously. GET UP
7. Another story Mummy. 12 million is not enough
8. Another story Mummy
9. No. Won't. No. Don't want to. No. No. Mummy I Said No.
10. They have more energy at 8pm than I have all day. GO TO SLEEP YOU LITTLE....

They are the biggest blessing ever. Just in case you hadn't heard :)



Anonymous said...

Love how you keep it real. Thank you.

Bakehouseblog said...

thank you for listening to my rants :)

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