Maudlin Monday

Monday, 25 February 2013

So it's Monday and not much to report today, unless you wanna hear about all the gazillion spreadsheets I filled in today? Thought not.
But we had a pretty awesome weekend starting on Friday night DATE with my husband! We went to see this and laughed a lot. It seriously could have been our story up there. Just goes to show how we all fight about the same ol' stuff....and big props to our wonderful babysitters, who watched 5 hours straight up of Peppa Pig. Those girls deserve the world!

Saturday included a DAY OFF! At a SPA! With my BF! SHUT UP! Felt bad for just a minute as Meadow wanted to go swimming and had looked out her tiny swimsuit. Sorry baby girl!

It's true and it was so amaze I can't tell you! A massage here might just be the best thing in the world...

We also dived in to Liberty and I bought....toothpaste. Not just any old toothpaste. Oh no. Jasmin Mint toothpast which might just be the best toothpaste I ever tasted......

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with Miss M's bf Harry and his adorbs baby brother. Yes,that's right Meadow, run off and chase random dogs around the park. Go on. And while you are at it, in -1degree weather, take off your boots, coat AND hat. Go on. Yip. Trip to park abandoned approx 2 seconds after this photo was snapped.

And meet my new scarf from my fave whistles i LOVE you (ignore the messy desk) and our newest family member. Penelope the Dashund (picture)

Hope you all had an exciting weekend filled of massages and err jasmin toothpaste. Seriously- go buy some now. Go on. Right now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a mighty fine weekend! Wow... date night too! :) Bx

Bakehouseblog said...

Can you believe it B? A proper date night! Left out the fact Wagamama forgot our order and we had to leave before we ate! Popcorn filled the void! XX ps Damn Whistles and 25% voucher. Now I need to buy more stuff! xx

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