Sunday, 17 February 2013

This weekend has felt like Spring. Snowdrops are out, sun was shining and I can just feel the lift in the air. Look at Miss M! Spring-tastic! Demonstrating my point oh-so-well. I do indeed have a catalogue of pics from this weekend but unfortunately my card reader has once and for all died. So you will have to see them tomorrow! I promise....

When I was out running yesterday (with Beagle Boy who tripped me up zero times YAY) I was thinking about blogging and how personal it is. Depending on how far you take it. A few of the well knowns, Rockstar, Cup of Jo etc, kind of blog about life but then when you dissect it, they really don't at all. Know what I mean? And there is a reason for that. Who wants to hear people whining about the shittier aspects of their life? Bake a cake instead! But when I chat with my real friends, we all have the same relationship/work/child problems (ish) maybe a few variations on a theme, but the one thing we agree on is life is HARD! And also that it is what you make it. And I am caught between blogging about real life or blogging about the best bits????? 
How do you decide?
I read once that you should never complain about your partner to anyone, that it's one of the routes to a successful marriage. But where is the FUN in not sharing with your girlfriends the fact that your husband had a major meltdown at 7am about why he always empties out the bin, on the day where you had a HUGELY important work meeting, and was also smack bam in the middle of debating why you must wear a skirt with tights to your 2 year old, and brushing your teeth and packing your bag??
Can that be shared on a blog? Maybe the blog entitled "my husband is like a four year old who dropped his ice cream" blog, or "I am better than this!!!"blog . Maybe it's riskier, as family read it, or ex boyfriends or crazy ex girlfriends but then at least I am achieving what I set out to do, which is record life! Share! And actually this whole post has made me realise I want to do both. So be prepared :)


Cerys said...

Is it wrong that I giggle a lil bit at the thought of beagle boy tripping you up? Xx

Bakehouseblog said...

No cause its hilarious! Usually he does it on the last bit of my run beside the road....embarrassing much??! Xx

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